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Fast and Cookies

"Fast and Furious" is an American action film saga based on racing and car battles. We like the idea to borrow the expression to paraphrase it into “Fast & Cookies”. Today time is extremely topical and the world of biscuits is not exempt from that. Delivery times are always an issue and demand to get biscuit dies “by yesterday” might be a problem.

An Italian saying reads "Soon and well are not fine together" (“more haste less speed”) ... We, at Errebi Technology, respectful of traditions, for once allow ourselves to dispel this saying, being convinced that the right investment choices and a right organized management can reduce production times without compromising technology and quality. And as a matter of fact we have implemented our production cycle with new machines to satisfy a customers’ demand more and more connected with marketing shorter and shorter delivery times.

Errebi Technology’s customers’ needs have become a reason of growing up for our company. We put our experience, service and know-how to our customer’s service. Needs for more specific or difficult products to be engraved and released have become for us a reason for developing new and different technologies and materials suitable for more difficult doughs to be released and giving at the same time a long life to our rollers. Errebi Technology is your ideal partner to rely on, helping and assisting you from the initial concept or suggesting you on how to optimize your production. Errebi Technology is the one to be in contact with! Experience, quality, technology and research are the cardinal points of Errebi Technology, a company which has been making biscuit moulds and cutters for more than 60 years.

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