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Exact Mixing Offers Continuous Mixing Demonstrations and Testing at the AMF Tromp Innovation Center

Exact Mixing by Reading Bakery Systems now offers a continuous mixing system for testing and demonstrations at the AMF Tromp Innovation Center in The Netherlands. The pilot system features a range of advanced mixing technologies, including the MX mixer with Hydrobond Technology™, HDX High Development Mixer, and LDX Multi‐Stage Mixer. These mixers produce a wide range of dough for breads and buns, snacks, cookies, baked crisps, pet treats, pizza, pretzels, crackers and more.

“At the Innovation Center, we are able to duplicate full‐scale production conditions on our pilot system to prove we can make their dough before customers make a purchase decision,” said Joe Pocevicius, Sales Manager, Reading Bakery Systems. “The testing and dough validation step is a critical part of our customers’ decision to choose continuous mixing over batch mixing.”

The equipment at the Innovation Center includes:


  • MX Mixer with Hydrobond Technology: The Exact Mixing MX Continuous Mixer is the industry’s most versatile mixer and is well suited for a wide range of products including snacks, pizza, pretzels, batters, icings, and pastes. Hydrobond Technology offers instant, even hydration without adding excess heat to your dough. This action speeds up the mixing process allowing for the use of a shorter mixer, which means a smaller footprint, lower equipment costs, and lower energy costs.
  • HDX Continuous Mixer: The HDX High Development Continuous Mixer is designed for high development mixing for ultra‐high absorption doughs at low temperatures. This system is ideal for breads, buns, rolls, English muffins, and similar products.
  • LDX Continuous Mixer: The LDX Multi‐Stage Mixer mixes dry and liquid ingredients, solid fats and particulates in a multi‐stage process. This mixer is ideal for most types of cookies or any application where ingredients are blended in stages.

The AMF Tromp Innovation Center helps customers optimize their products and process by applying technological innovation and expertise. It features a climate‐controlled environment with equipment to make sheeted breads, pastries, laminated doughs, cakes, muffins, pies, and pizzas. State‐of‐the‐art equipment and expert consultation guarantee the most optimal production solution.

The Innovation Center is located at Edisonweg 50, 4207 HG Gorinchem, The Netherlands. Companies wishing to utilize the Center to evaluate new processes using continuous mixing should contact: Joe Pocevicius, +31 615 510 789,

Over the last 35 years, Exact Mixing has earned a reputation as the world’s most innovative developer of Continuous Mixing Systems. Exact joined Reading Bakery Systems in 2008, and together continue to bring improved mixing solutions to customers worldwide. Continuous Mixing is now a proven solution in the pretzel, chip, baked snack, pastry, sweet goods, cookie, cracker, bars, pizza, tortilla, pet treat, and bread and bun industries.

For more information concerning equipment and services provided by Exact Mixing, visit

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