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Reading Bakery Systems’ New Granola Production Line Offers Latest Baking Technology and Flexibility Customers Desire

Reading Bakery Systems (RBS), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of snack production systems, now offers a Baked Granola Production Line. The complete system includes leading mixing, dispensing, and baking technologies.

“With more of today’s consumers focused on health and wellness, the opportunity for healthy baked snacks like granola continues to grow. We are pleased to offer a complete Granola and Granola Bar Production Line to the snack food industry built on leading technology and unmatched flexibility.” said Shawn Moye, Vice President of Sales, RBS.

The RBS Granola Production Line includes an AMF Batch Mixer, RBS Omega IV Dispenser with an overhead kibbler, and PRISM Emithermic Oven. The line offers the flexibility to incorporate topping conveyors after the oven, and a guillotine cutter and slitter for bar applications.

For customers looking to increase their production line flexibility, the Omega IV Dispenser with kibbler can be added to a wirecut cookie line to make granola, as well. The same oven is used to bake both types of products.

“The RBS Granola Production Line is our latest offering to keep our customers in position to capitalize on consumer trends, as well as help maximize their operations. This system is designed with efficiency, reliability and flexibility in mind to help our customers optimize their production.”

For more information on the RBS Granola Production Line or our other solutions for baking healthy snacks, please visit:

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