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Gauge Rolls

Gauge Roll Units deployed to reduce sheet thickness in progressive stages before cutting. The number of reduction stages is decided as per product or capacity requirements.


  • Hard dough biscuits
  • Crackers
  • Various varieties produced/processed using Rotary Cutting
  • Process

Salient features:

  • Pair of Ground Rollers - 400mm diameter heavy duty
  • Gap Between Rolls adjustable
  • Individual Drive Motor for Each Roll with variable speed setting
  • Individual Side to Side Gap Adjustment by two independent Servo Motors with Position feedback.
  • Rolls foreseen with scrappers with catch tray
  • Modular Unit with Delivery Web
  • Hygienic Design


  • Water Circulation in Rolls
  • Motorized Roll Gap Adjustment
  • Sheet Thickness Measurement System
  • In Feed Loop Control
  • CE/UL Certification


  • PLC System with Centralized HMI display
  • Recipe Management System
  • Optical Linear Encoder for Precise Gap Feedback & Control
  • Digital Gap Readout

Size variations:

  • ECM 300 Guage Roll
  • GRM 300 Guage Roll
  • ECM 400 Guage Roll


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