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Indirect Radiant Cyclotherm Oven

In-direct heated. Heat transfer through radiation of energy from radiator tubes above and below the band.

Product application:

  • Soft Biscuits
  • Cookies
  • Wire Cut Products

Fuel options:

  • Gas Fired Burners
  • Oil Fired Burners
  • Gas Heavy Oil Burners

Band options:

  • Solid Steel Band
  • Z47 Wiremesh
  • CB5 Balanced Weave Heavy wire Mesh
  • F4015/K-ST Wiremesh

Salient features:

  • Floating baking chamber design prevents thermal stress on oven frame & Chamber
  • Heated flue gas from burner is recalculated in radiator tubes located above and below the band. These tubes get heated up and radiate energy to product travelling in between.
  • Heat distribution & balancing across the width easily adjustable by dampers in each tube.
  • Humidity control in each heating zone by steam extraction damper


  • Band Drive Unit & Band Tensioning Systems - different designs to match band selection.
  • Band Tracking Systems - different designs to match band selection.
  • Delivery End Extraction Hood


  • PLC System with PID Controls & HMI display
  • Recipe Management System


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