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Direct Forced Convection Oven
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Direct Forced Convection Oven

Direct heated forced convection oven..

Product application: 

  • Soft Biscuits
  • Cookies
  • Wire Cut Products
  • Hard Biscuits
  • Crackers

Band options:

  • Solid Steel Band
  • Z47 Wiremesh
  • CB5 Balanced Weave Heavy wire Mesh
  • F4015/K-ST Wiremesh

Salient features:

  • High Efficiency due to direct convection technology
  • Flue Gas coming from Torch Burner is mixed directly with recirculation air of bake chamber and then directed on to ducts placed above and below the band. The ducts are thus pressurised and the hot air escapes thorough the nozzle holes which are placed uniformly all across the length and width of both the ducts. The air escaping from these nozzles at a controllable velocity directly impinges on to the product travelling on the band.
  • Humidity control in each heating zone by a steam extraction fan
  • Modular Construction - Very easy to install & commission on site
  • Floating baking chamber design prevents thermal stress on oven frame & Chamber


  • Band Drive Unit & Band Tensioning Systems - different designs to match band selection.
  • Band Tracking Systems - different designs to match band selection.
  • Delivery End Extraction Hood
  • Choice between various burner manufacturers


  • PLC System with PID Controls & HMI display
  • Recipe Management System
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