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Vertical Laminator

Vertical Cut Sheet Laminator comprising of a 5 Roll Sheeting machine. This machine is deployed in a cracker line to produce a laminate of multiple sheets of specified thickness stacked one on top of each other.

5 Roll Sheeter Comprising of:

  • One Pair of Grooved Sheeting Rollers on Top
  • One pair of Ground Gauge Rollers on Bottom
  • One Grooved Sheeting Roller for Scrap on Top
  • Gap Between Rolls adjustable
  • Individual Drive for Each Roll
  • Customized capacity of Stainless Steel Receiving Hopper
  • Receiving Hopper is partitioned to keep scrap isolated from fresh dough.
  • Closed Loop Pressure Measurement in Compression Chamber with speed control for top pair of sheeting rolls.
  • Scrapper with Catch trays provided on Gauge Rolls

Layering Table Assembly Comprising of:

  • Receiving Web
  • Servo Driven Compensation Table
  • Pneumatically Actuated Knife Assembly
  • Servo Driven Layering Table
  • Delivery Conveyor


  • Water Circulation in Rolls
  • Motorized Roll Gap Adjustment
  • Sheet Thickness Measurement System
  • Dough Level Control in Receiving Hopper
  • CE/UL Certification


  • PLC System with HMI display
  • Recipe Management System
  • Digital Gap Readout
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