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GEA Bakery
GEA Bakery Equipment Manufacturer
Who's responsible for tasty biscuit sandwiches? GEA Bakery has firmly moved into the bakery sector and manufactures top class machines. Find out more!
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High performance multi-extruder – DV3 MODEL

The DV3 and DFV3 multi-extruders from GEA Comas offer an extensive range of product possibilities. Designed to simultaneously deposit two different types of dough, as well as a third, fluid filling, these high capacity units are ideal for producing filled biscuits with 2-3 colours, or fig bars, as well as traditional wire cut and smooth mix cookies.

The highly versatile DV3 and DFV3 multi-extruders can deposit a variety of fluid, whipped or dense mixes, including batters that contain solid particles such as candied fruit or nuts. The units comprise two, independent dosing heads that are mounted on a single frame and driven by servo-motors. Each depositing head comprises two motorized rollers to feed the dough mix to a pump assembly with individual lobes underneath – one pump for each outlet. The pumps ensure that the mix is dosed with high accuracy across the whole working width. The third, fluid filling is fed in through a pressurized manifold and external pump. All the unit’s functions are PLC controlled, and working data for each product can be stored and retrieved easily by the operator.

The DV3 and DFV3 machines are supplied on a frame that can be positioned to deposit the mixes directly onto an oven band. Alternatively, the frame can be sited over a belt conveyor for depositing onto trays, or for special products that require further processing prior to baking, such as cookies with decorations or icing. Available accessories include a biscuit wire cutter, a vertical or horizontal guillotine for fig bars, and press or decorating rollers for filled biscuits and other applications.

The DV3 and DFV3 multi-extruders feature an easy clean design. All the electrics remain anchored to the frame itself, and the depositing heads can be completely removed from the frame and jet washed. All the components on the depositing heads can also be removed for cleaning.