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GEA Bakery
GEA Bakery Equipment Manufacturer
Who's responsible for tasty biscuit sandwiches? GEA Bakery has firmly moved into the bakery sector and manufactures top class machines. Find out more!
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Single-piston depositor – DN MODEL

The DN model volumetric piston depositor can accurately deposit a wide range of delicate batter mixes, such as muffins and cakes, into cups or moulds, and is equally well suited to depositing jam or chocolate into pie shells . As the first depositor to be developed by GEA Comas, the DN model has undergone a number of updates and improvements to keep up with our customers’ requirements.

The DN model depositor from GEA Comas has been developed as a versatile, robust machine, which is built on a wheel-mounted frame for fitting or moving along an existing production line. The DN model features a standard pneumatic depositing head that is driven by a single volumetric cylinder, although a motorized version can also be supplied. Ease of use and configurability are key features of the DN depositor, and its gentle dough handling means that the machine can be used for depositing aerated dough mixes or aerated cream. 

As with all our piston-driven units, the DN model demonstrates highly accurate, reliable depositing, every time. A wide range of accessories provide the capability to deposit many different types of mix or batter, for a multitude of product types. The machine can be supplied with different terminal heads, and a heated hopper with stirrer for depositing chocolate is available. 

On top of its versatility and robustness, the DN depositor has been designed to be user friendly and easy to clean, so the product contact parts can be easily and quickly stripped down, without tools.