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Checking Problem
How to resolved the checking problem in rotary molded(Digestive) biscuit.
Fouling on direct oven flue heat exchanger
Hello, I was wondering if anyone can me some insight into fouling issues on a potential combustion air preheater, for use on a direct oven. I am aware that combustion air preheaters have been ins...
Rotary moulder product in hybrid oven (dgf/convection)
Hello everyone... lately I find it a little difficult to find a correct cooking diagram when I have to cook a rotary moulder product with the first 2 or 3 zones dgf; it does not develop well and I am...
Baking thick chocolate chips cookies
Hello, does anyone have tips on how to completely bake a higher than 10 mm height wirecut chocolate chip dough piece, or any way to decrease this thickness prior to oven, without changing die cup diam...
Any one can suggest how to improve the texture and eating quality in cakes which is made without egg.   How to bring the texture as same as egg cakes in egg less cakes.  what is the recipe mantra to...
Natural alternatives for gluten modification in biscuit doughs
What would be the best natural alternatives to SMS, L-cysteine, enzymes for wheat flour gluten modification in hard biscuit dough processing ?
Rotary moulder pressure roll
What is the recommended high and low hardness range for the rubber covered pressure roll? Generally what life may be expected in working hours?