Zeelandia CEO at meeting with Mr. Modi, PM of India, and Dutch PM Rutte

Zeelandia CEO at meeting with Mr. Modi, PM of India, and Dutch PM Rutte

On June 27, India’s Prime Minister Modi was in The Netherlands for a visit with Dutch Prime Minister Rutte. They also had a joint meeting with a select number of CEO’s of Dutch companies, including Zeelandia CEO Mr. de Ruiter.

Michiel de Ruiter, CEO of the Royal Zeelandia Group, introduced the company to PM Modi and highlighted the long-term commitment of Zeelandia to India, and the close ties with local partner Fine Organics: “We have been present in India since 2001, when Fine Organics started importing our bakery ingredients. Two-and-a-half years ago, we started a joint venture by the name of Fine Zeelandia. And as two family-owned businesses, we are both committed to its long-term success.”

By implementing reforms, the government of India seeks to enhance the ease of doing business and aims to bring standards at par with global standards. Over the last three years, a total of 7,000 reforms in taxes, real estate, defence, etc. were made. As PM Modi stated: “This visit is of great importance. The Netherlands is a natural partner in the economic development of India.” The Netherlands is the sixth-largest foreign investor in India. “Ties between India and Netherlands are very old. Our bilateral relations are very strong,” PM Modi said, following the meeting, in a joint press statement with Dutch PM Rutte.

The Royal Zeelandia Group has operations in 29 countries, including India. A production facility is currently being built near Mumbai, which will be operational by the end of this year.  It will produce bakery ingredients, mixes for bread and pastry, of the highest quality.

The new factory will be located in the state of Maharashtra, near the new airport of Mumbai (ready in 2020). The Fine Zeelandia production facility will set new standards for quality products at affordable prices. All products will be made from local raw materials, many of which are sourced from local farmers. Implementing Dutch technology, backed by 117 years of experience from Zeelandia, and adding 47 years of Indian experience in manufacturing and distribution.

Zeelandia continues to expand around the globe, using a unique model of joint ventures. Combining detailed knowledge of bakery technology, processes and ingredients with local knowledge of applications and the market.