New crackers with two flavours appeared in the Ukrainian supermarkets

New crackers with two flavours appeared in the Ukrainian supermarkets

The company Yarych decided to offer extraordinary cracker flavours for Ukrainians, having launched in February a new line: The Crackers. So the company is trying to prove that crackers are a snack.

The flavour of basil and garlic in biscuits is a bold enough decision, but when one takes into account that Yarych offers to range the crackers in the group of snacks and sell them in the relevant departments, such a product assortment is pretty interesting.

In February, “The Classic Crackers” and “The Crackers with basil and garlic” only begun to appear on the shelves of Ukrainian supermarkets, but according to the results of the first sales one may already say that new product suits customers’ taste.

The main consumers of The Crackers are expected to be young people between 12 and 25 years old. The product has been created just for them, whose life is a constant drive without interruption in the non-stop style, and who often need different tasty snack food for a light snack in a convenient package.

“Knowing that young people consume a lot of crackers and chips, we have decided to offer them a healthier alternative in the segment of snacks, - says Oksana Kazanchuk, the Marketing Director of Yarych – Crackers can be as varied in the taste range, as usual snacks, but its production technology is such that in the result the product is not harmful to health. In contrast to rusks and chips, which are roasted in oil-spice mix, crackers are baked in the oven, and later oiled”.

The Crackers are a snack product of a new touch-and-go format. An 80-gram package is convenient because after having bought the product for a snack, consumers do not need to worry about, where to put it - it is a single serving, which the consumers eat and run on.

In the nearest future, the company promises to supplement The Crackers line with new flavours.