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Discover Pater®: The Ultimate Dehydrated Mix for Breadmaking With Live Lactic Ferments

Discover Pater®: The Ultimate Dehydrated  Mix for Breadmaking With Live Lactic Ferments


Are you seeking a unique and innovative formulation that combines the benefits of sourdough with the convenience of a dehydrated mix? Pater® is the answer. Created by the company Il Granaio to revolutionize the breadmaking process, Pater® offers bakers incredible dough performances and high-quality finished products without the need for chemical additives. In this article, we will explore what Pater® is, its benefits, and how it caters to various user intentions related to sourdough and lactic ferments in breadmaking.

What is Pater®: A Formulation, A Baking Blend, and Baked Products

Pater® is a one-of-a-kind dehydrated blend developed by our R&D laboratory after carefully selecting live lactic ferments and yeasts typical of sourdough microflora. Combined with an innovative selection of enzymes, Pater® is perfect for producing a wide range of baked goods, such as soft breads, crisp breads, pizzas, focaccias, Scrocchiarella Romana, crackers, breadsticks, rusks, and more.

Pater Dehidrated Mix for breadmaking with Live Lactic Ferments

Pater® is not just a formulation or a production process; it also represents the baked products that a master baker can create. For example, you can make Pater® Bread, Pater® Pizza, Pater® Focaccia, or Sanfrancisco® Bread. These leavened products win over consumers with their unique meltability, enchanting aromas, and delightful fragrance.

Why Choose Pater®?

Pater® baked goods boast extraordinary characteristics, such as unique meltability, chewability, and fragrance, as well as enchanting flavors and aromas typical of sourdough. Furthermore, Pater®'s live lactic ferments delay staling, ensuring that your baked goods stay fresher for longer.

You can declare Pater® as sourdough in the ingredient list, or you can declare nothing at all, as enzymes and lactic ferments are considered technological improvers. This live lactic ferment-based baking mix offers numerous benefits for bakers, including improved dough performance, room temperature storage, and more.

Pater® is often regarded as the Holy Grail of breadmaking. Born from intensive research in lactic ferments and a passion for rediscovering authenticity and tradition in breadmaking, Pater® is a unique product that caters to various user intentions.

Meeting User Intentions with Pater®

1. Learning about the benefits and functionalities of using sourdough and lactic ferments in breadmaking: Pater® combines the advantages of traditional sourdough techniques with the convenience of a dehydrated mix for a wide range of baked goods.

2. Discovering innovative and traditional fermentation techniques for baked goods: Pater®'s unique formulation is the result of extensive research into lactic ferments and traditional
breadmaking techniques.

3. Finding a unique and high-quality dehydrated mix for making various types of baked products: Pater® is perfect for creating an array of baked goods, from soft breads to crisp
crackers, without the need for chemical additives.

4. Understanding the role of enzymes and lactic ferments in breadmaking: Enzymes and lactic ferments in Pater® act as technological improvers, enhancing the dough performance, flavor, and texture of the finished products.

5. Seeking ways to extend the freshness of baked goods: Pater®'s live lactic ferments help delay staling, ensuring that your baked goods remain fresher for a longer period.

6. Looking for a sourdough mix that is easy to store and handle: Pater® provides the convenience of room temperature storage and easy handling, making it an ideal choice for
busy bakers.

7. Exploring the nutritional benefits of lactic ferments in baked products: Pater® incorporates the benefits of lactic ferments, which have been researched and proven to offer numerous
well-being advantages.
Pater® is a groundbreaking dehydrated mix that combines the best of traditional sourdough techniques with the convenience and versatility of modern breadmaking.


Pater® is a groundbreaking dehydrated mix that combines the best of traditional sourdough techniques with the convenience and versatility of modern breadmaking. With its unique formulation, Pater® offers an unparalleled baking experience, allowing bakers to create a diverse range of baked goods without compromising on quality or nutrition. Catering to various user intentions related to sourdough and lactic ferments, Pater® is the ultimate choice for those seeking innovation, tradition, and authenticity in their breadmaking endeavors.

Experience the extraordinary characteristics and benefits of Pater® for yourself and elevate your baked goods to a whole new level of excellence.

For more information please contact us.

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