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Habasit® Cleanline belt range – ideal solution for bakery and confectionary industry

The Habasit® Cleanline belt range has been designed to meet the most stringent demands of the food industry and comply with all relevant EU and FDA food regulations. Featuring a specially modified thermoplastic olefin (TPO) coating in white or cobalt blue, these belts offer numerous added-value benefits.

Outstanding release properties

Thanks to the belts’ special coating, even very sticky food products, e.g. those containing sugars or starch, will not adhere to the belt. This means that they can be easily transported without product loss or damage. The coating also enables a reduction in the use of processing agents such as oil or flour; easier and quicker cleaning of the belts; and potentially increased belt lifetimes. Which all adds up to significant savings on manufacturing costs, as well as environmental advantages.

Superb chemical and hydrolysis resistance

Habasit Cleanline belts withstand disinfection using chlorine and hot water (up to 80º C), and are resistant to almost all acidic and alkaline cleaning agents. This ensures proper sanitation and has a significant positive impact on maintenance costs even in wet or humid environments.

Limited risks of cross contamination

Due to the excellent surface properties of the belts, which allow perfect release, microorganisms are easy to remove during cleaning. The surface coating is free of microcracks, and has very low porosity. Additionally, all Habasit Cleanline belts have wear resistant belt edges.

High flexibility even at low temperatures

The majority of Habasit Cleanline belts are suitable for use with nosebars (radius 2 mm or 4 mm), which enable tight product transfers to the next conveyor without loss of product.

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