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Change of Trend Among Orders Worldwide

Since the beginning of the year, we can state that there has been a relevant increase in trial rings orders, either rotary moulding and rotary cutting. According to our analysis, the reasons are most of all of two different nature: the first is of course economical: before taking charge of an investment and bigger expense for a roller, the customer wants to be really sure that the project will be successful and the biscuit appreciated on the market, therefore many trials are done before launching the product on the market.

Consumers’ habits are changing (work from home, children taking lessons from remote etc…) and this is inevitably dictating a change in the course of the biscuits we will find on supermarkets shelves in the near future. Consumers tests and market analysis will probably be more and more needed in order to seize the current preferences in this uncertain and very fast-changing period.

The second reason is operational/ structural: Covid-19 and the consequent lockdown and crisis have inevitably slowed down the pace of production and this allows the company to take time to make experiments in order to find the perfect balance between the optimal recipe and shape.

Our company is available to follow the customer along all the journey, from the initial conceptualization of the shape to the final achievement of the desired biscuit.

Generally, our suggestion is to manufacture trial rings in alimentary anti-sticking plastic material, since these are less expensive, they require less time to be produced and, since they are lighter, the shipment too will be cheaper. We assure the plastic rings can be used for trials on the same roller where the bronze rings are installed. Of course, in case of particular needs or challenging products, different materials are always available in order to always assure the proper dough release.

Our skilled technical department is always at disposal for carefully studying the project and enable the customer to achieve all of the targets requested in terms of size and weight.

3D renderings or casts of the mould are also available in order to let our customers see how the biscuit will look like.

If you are looking for the perfect biscuit, please do not hesitate to contact us!


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