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Anéolia Equipment Manufacturer from France Equipment Manufacturer
Looking for reliable cookie & biscuit packaging equipment? Anéolia designs & manufactures instruments for measuring gas and leaks in packaging.
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Exos® - Leak and burst tester

EXOS® is helping technical departments of factory to commit to valued hermeticity performances in order to obtain defined specifications with minimum variables of influence.

EXOS® measures :

• Leaks down to 5 μm (leak flow rate given in ml/min)
• The creep test of the packaging
• The strength of seals up to 1.4 bar

This adaptable device is suitable for laboratory and production use. EXOS® measures and quantifies the essential parameters for your packaging inspections.


  • Meets standards:
  1. DIN 55508-1: measures flow rate at constant pressure
  2. ASTM F1140: seal strength
  3. ASTM F2054: burst test
  • Measures micro-leaks + creep test + seal strength.
  • Meets standards:DIN 55508-1 :measures flow rate at constant pressure;ASTM F1140 :seal strength;ASTM F2054 :burst test.
  • Highest sensitivity in very low overpressure:micro-leaks down to 5μm at over 10 mbar.
  • Measures breathability: micro-perforated films.
  • Detects clogged circuits.
  • Wholly traceable:use all data analysis possibilities via USB, Ethernet, or directly in your ERP system.
  • Remote connection and 24/7 remote maintenance: leverage the power of connected technology.
  • Accelerated test for big packaging.
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  • 3G router + HMI Advanced
  • Waterproof RJ45 Ethernet port
  • The calibrated leak to control the leakage measurement
  • The flexible probe holder : holds the needle during the test
  • The barcode reader select faster the test program
  • The secured needle holder


  • Calibration certificate
  • IP67 carry case
  • External power supply
  • Sampling kit
  • Metal detectable stylus
  • 2 L aluminum buffer tank with integrated air conditioner, pressure reducer and switching valve
  • 1 starter kit
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