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Meet the Driving Force of Biscuit Industry
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R&D manager; Senior Technologist with 14 years of experience in confectionery industy
3 biscuits
George W Wright
Bakery Consultant, International Food Processing Consultancy
438 biscuits
Sinobake Group Ltd.
Biscuit, Cookie, Cake, and Chips Plant Expert
0 biscuits
David Woollard
Cracker Oiling & Seasoning Specialist
18 biscuits
Brett Beardsell
Consultant specialising in chocolate and cocoa support, business value improvement
49 biscuits
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Ken Zvoncheck
Director of Process Technology
23 biscuits
Tarik Chowdhury
Head of Factory Operation
59 biscuits
Sonia Maria Broglio
Food Engineer - working as a Consultant since 2011, with more than 20 years of experience with cookies and crackers.
162 biscuits