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R&D Head Biscuits
10 biscuits
SINOBAKE Company is leading bakery manufacturer from China Since 1994. We made and exported machines to 100 countries.We dedicated to bakery solutions.
0 biscuits
David Woollard
Cracker Oiling & Seasoning Specialist
0 biscuits
Franca Luppi
sales & marketing export manager
150 biscuits
Jos Vast
Managing Partner/ Founder/ Senior Bakery Consultant
490 biscuits
Join the Biscuit People community today, and let's bake the world a better place, one cookie at a time!
Santiago Marino
Biscuit Technology Consultant
315 biscuits
Sara Han
15 biscuits
Waheed Ahmad
Biscuits/Cakes Consultant
25 biscuits
0 biscuits