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Walid Badreddine Production Manager and Biscuit manufacturer
Walid Badreddine
Production Manager
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Biscuit book
Where I can find Biscuit, Cookie and Cracker Process and Recipes book 1st Edition by Mr. Iain Davidson? 
Malted milk biscuits creaming mixing time
Hello experts  Hope you are doing well  Please advise on the mixing time of the first stage, the creaming stage of malted milk biscuit via using a spiral mixer
Vegetable palm Shortening melting point
Please advise on the optimal melting point for vegetable palm Shortening to be used in biscuit soft dough Thank you 
Malted milk biscuits
Please advise on the dough type of malted milk biscuit whether is soft dough or is hard dough And beside the fat, what is the main difference between the two dough types?  Thank you