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Bakery Academy

Bakery Academy was founded in 2009 as a bakery consultancy firm for the counter-movement to disappearance of knowledge, expertise and experience in bakery.

Bakery Academy brings together more than 120 years of knowledge and experience and is independent of raw materials or equipment suppliers, which does not exclude that we never collaborate.

We combine knowledge of bakery with research & development experience in a practical business approach to all questions and challenges that we encounter, often with flour on the pants to show how it's done.

This means a continuous appeal to our expertise and experience in all levels of organization and process in finding the right timing for a newly developed product or process at the right time to make a success.

Because we are familiar with the intersection of Quality, R&D/NPD, Production, Marketing and Management, we find the right ingredients to speed the processes in such a way that producing maximum business results can be achieved.

Bakery Academy offers the following services:

Bakery Consultancy Cost reduction and process optimization
Implementation of policies and processes
Setting up and building new production facilities
Strategy and New Business Development
Education & Training
Training internally and externally
Training programme
External Research & Development Department / Research & Development Innovation power (in- and externally) Outsourcing of Research and/or Development (based on exclusivity) Interim Management (Project) management NPD/Product Developer Technical Management (QA/QC) Process Technologist R&D Management Production/ Operations Management

Phone: +31 6 14960608

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