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Culture Compass Consulting from United Kingdom
Culture Compass
Culture Compass is a consultancy that offers support to individuals, teams, and organisations
United Kingdom
Bakery Academy Consulting from Netherlands
Bakery Academy
Bakery Academy was founded in 2009 as a bakery consultancy firm for the counter-movement to disappearance of knowledge, expertise and experience in bakery.
BANDAID AB Consulting from Sweden
Steel belts consultancy
Brett Beardsell Consulting Consulting from United Kingdom
Brett Beardsell Consulting
Specialist Chocolate and Cocoa Project and Process Improvement Support, Food Industry Business Value Improvement, Cost Saving and Strategy Development
United Kingdom
JKConsult Consulting from Switzerland
JKConsult is a one-man consulting company specialized in packaging
Join the Biscuit People community today, and let's bake the world a better place, one cookie at a time!
Bakery Solutions Consulting from Pakistan
Bakery Solutions
On-site and Online Consultancy/Training in Product Development of Biscuits, Crackers,Wafers,Cakes and Bakery products with short and long Shelf life.
fatsforfoods consultant Consulting from Netherlands
fatsforfoods consultant
Oils and fats are used in all kinds of food applications. The requirements and the functionality of the fat are different for the various foods. The bette
International Food Processing Consultancy Consulting from United Kingdom
International Food Processing Consultancy
International Food Processing Consultancy George W Wright 72 Cobden Avenue Southampton SO18 1FT United Kingdom email :
United Kingdom
Baker Pacific Ltd Consulting from United Kingdom
Baker Pacific Ltd
Process and engineering expertise for the biscuit, chocolate and confectionery industries.
United Kingdom
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