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Culture Compass Consulting from United Kingdom
Culture Compass
Culture Compass is a consultancy that offers support to individuals, teams, and organisations
United Kingdom
Tirlán Ingredients from Ireland
We are a dairy & plant-based company supplying quality solutions and ingredients to markets across the globe.
Balchem Corporation Ingredients from United States
Balchem Corporation
Our microencapsulates & inclusions are tailored for use in your specific product. Let us help you select the right ingredient.
United States
New Era Machines Equipment Manufacturer from India
New Era Machines
Looking for quality baking ovens? New Era Machines is a leading manufacturer of automated production lines for the biscuit industry. Find out more!
Habasit International AG Equipment Manufacturer from Switzerland
Habasit International AG
Complete belting range for bakery, biscuit, and snack processing - from handling the dough to molding, cooling, cutting or packaging.
Join the Biscuit People community today, and let's bake the world a better place, one cookie at a time!
Bezband Textile Ltd. Equipment Manufacturer from Turkey
Bezband Textile Ltd.
Bezband Textile is the only endless conveyor band producer in Turkey, established in 1975 in a small atelier.
Jaffa Crvenka Biscuit Manufacturer from Serbia
Jaffa Crvenka
We are Jaffa, one of the largest sweets and snacks manufacturer in the West Balkans.
IMA FLX HUB Equipment Manufacturer from Italy
IMA FLX. The One Stop Supplier For Flexible Packaging solutions.
Padovani Equipment Manufacturer from Italy
PADOVANI, a name granting a vast and proven experience in the design and manufacture of molds, equipment and machines for biscuit companies.
Bakery Academy Consulting from Netherlands
Bakery Academy
Bakery Academy was founded in 2009 as a bakery consultancy firm for the counter-movement to disappearance of knowledge, expertise and experience in bakery.