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Food Industry Vitaminka

Vitaminka as a creation of high quality products that come into the “World of Flavours”, widely available and present with a broad range of tastes, appetizers and after meal product programs, food seasonings, desserts, snack products, production program with more than 20 groups and more than 360 types of packaging (SKU) for all ages, every single moment in every single home. Food Industry Vitaminka it places about 50% of annual production into over 30 countries worldwide. Quality Control consists of 4 modern laboratories to carry out physical, chemical and microbiological testing of the existing and the newly developed products. Highly skilled specialists test and verify basic organoleptic properties of every product, such as colour, consistency, smell, taste. Thereafter, they determine and verify the chemical composition, nutritional values, content of the components, that are important for the product quality. Over 90 highly-educated experts from the areas of engineering, food technologists, biotechnologists, electro – mechanical engineers, economists, lawyers together with more than 650 variety staff from production, distribution, administration, services etc are part of a big family for supply of products for creation of worldwide happy consumers.

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