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Culture Compass

Culture Compass, is a consultancy that offers support to individuals, teams and organisations in 3 key areas.
  • Performance Optimisation  - Strategy Development, Health, Safety & Security, Food Safety & Food Defence, Quality & Defect Elimination, Data, Information & Reporting, Integrated Management Systems, Business Continuity & Crisis Management.
  • Mentoring & Coaching - Personal Drivers & Values, Personal Energy, Traits & Attributes, Leadership Styles, Leadership Impact, Personal Development
  • Culture Transformation - Values, Diversity, Inclusion, Beliefs, Energy & Conduct, Responsibility, Behaviours & Motivation, Organisation, Structure, Resources, Competence & Capability, Focus, Objectives & Targets, Reward, Recognition & Motivation

Culture Compass, helps organisations to deliver transformational performance improvements in areas of health, safety & quality strategy, business culture, change management & organisational transformation, by understanding the critical links between Strategy, Organisation and Performance, but through the critical element of Culture and behaviour.

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