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Pi & Ki - EGI Group

Egi Group was established in 2017 with owner Mr. Egzon Kelmendi. Pi & Ki is a brand of Egi Group which initially started with hygienic products to expand further with other products. Pi & Ki brand factories are equipped with ISO certificates and work with the highest standards and the most advanced technology of the time. Finally in 2020 Pi & Ki products are the first products in Kosovo which are equipped with Kosher certification.

Pi & Ki today operates with these Factories with 11 production lines:

        1. Peanut Factory: The peanut factory produces and packs peanuts with two production lines, fried peanuts with salt and roasted peanuts. The production is done with super quality raw materials, with the most advanced technology machinery for a high quality final product.

Peanut packaging according to the machines is done in two forms, vacuum and non-vacuum. Peanuts are packed in packages with weights: 40gr, 80gr, 180gr, 400gr and 800gr.

        2. Pasta Factory: The pasta factory operates with three production lines: Pasta, Spaghetti and Soup noodles: Fusilli, Pennoni Ziti Rigate, Lumache, Gomiti, Tagliatelle, Fettucine, Capelli D’Angelo, Spaghetti Ristorante, Spaghetti Linguine.

Pasta dough is produced from the raw material Durum flour with all the production parameters, with moisture, protein and acidity that determine the high quality of the product.

        3. Flips Factory: Pi & Ki Flips are produced with high quality raw materials, the most perfect machines and professional staff trained by German experts, dedicated to every stage of production from dough, shape, baking, taste to packaging.

        4. Chocolate Cream Factory: The Chocolate Cream Factory operates with two production lines, Cocoa Cream and Duo Cream. Chocolate cream is produced with the most advanced machines with professional staff, raw material and perfect recipe that makes it even more demanded by consumers as a product.

        5. Factory for Packaging Beans, Rice and Red Pepper

And the most important part is the Biscuit Factory which includes rotary and laminar biscuits.

All types of biscuits are produced in the most perfect machines with unique recipes which, in addition to the perfect taste, also contain nutritional value and vitamins.

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