Polyamide.P Type Endless Conveyor Band
Bezband Textile Ltd.

Polyamide.P Type Endless Conveyor Band

  • Used in biscuit production
  • No seam
  • Continuous threads
  • Homogeneous thickness on the belt
  • Most preferred belt type
  • The suitability of its surface with the dough is high
  • 2,0mm thickness
  • 24 warp threads in 1 cm
  • The type with the highest streching endurability
  • Doughs have direct contact with the polyamid surface
  • Easy and controllable transfer of biscuit dough
  • No first usage treatment is required
  • Prevents dough loss
  • Suitable for both rotative and cutting processes
  • Average working life depends on the usage of the operator and the dough characteristics
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Bezband Textile Ltd. Equipment Manufacturer from Turkey
Bezband Textile Ltd.
Bezband Textile is the only endless conveyor band producer in Turkey, established in 1975 in a small atelier.