Episode 7: Vemondo
November 28, 2023 - 00:26:57

Episode 7: Vemondo

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In a recent episode of The Biscuit People Podcast, the spotlight shone brightly on Vemondo biscuits, a brand that prides itself on a remarkably green image.

Jacob van Kogelenberg, a seasoned expert in the biscuit industry, took the audience on a fascinating exploration of the innovative packaging that makes Vemondo stand out in the crowded biscuit market.

He highlights the clever combination of materials in the packaging, with an outer layer made of plastic but the inner layer surprises with its eco-friendly choice—paper. The real surprise comes with the tray, which defies the traditional plastic norm by being crafted from corrugated paper. The podcast delves into the manufacturing process, uncovering the method of transforming flat corrugated paper into a tray in one swift motion.

In a captivating segment, Jacob also addresses the prevalent use of plastic over paper in the industry. He sheds light on the implications for manufacturers, exploring how different choices impact the cost of the final product, transportation, and overall environmental sustainability. Jacob goes beyond critique and offers valuable tips on how manufacturers can make their packaging more eco-friendly, emphasizing that the shift to paper doesn't necessarily require biodegradability; disposability and recyclability are key.

Continuing the discussion, Jos Vast takes center stage to unravel the secrets of the Vemondo vegan biscuit itself. With a delectable mix of 24% dark chocolate, caramel, wheat flour, sugar, palm fat, brown sugar, cocoa butter, leavening agents, and glucose fructose syrup, the biscuit is itself is alike of the beloved Lotus Biscoff discussed in the first season.

As the hosts examine the glossy chocolate exterior, the conversation shifts to the impact of heat shock on product quality and taste. Jos addresses the phenomenon of fat bloom and explains its potential occurrence in this particular biscuit. The podcast takes a visual journey into the biscuit, revealing intriguing cityscapes on the top and prompting questions about the origins of different spots visible inside. Jos sheds light on potential breakages on the top, exploring the complexities of the checking phenomenon.

Are you curious about sustainable packaging techniques or eager to understand the nuances of vegan biscuit production? Tune in to the new episode!

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