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Srinivasan Subramaniam
.I am ex britannian (Britannia Industries ltd) and into all the fields of bakery. very much interested to learn things further. At present doing different concept products in bakery.
285 biscuits
Lutz Popper
Scientific Director
270 biscuits
Franca Luppi
sales & marketing export manager
120 biscuits
Evita Riviani Achmadi
Food Consultant | Raw Material, Product Development, Formulator, Packaging | Bakery Specialist | Food Safety and Quality, Processing| Food Scientist and Technologist
40 biscuits
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Sinobake Group Ltd.
Biscuit, Cookie, Cake, and Chips Plant Expert
0 biscuits
Roberto de Miguel
R&D Manager Florbú - Biscuits Expert
0 biscuits
Cookie Wizard
Industrial Process Manager
10 biscuits
Santiago Marino
Biscuit Technology Consultant
145 biscuits