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Jacob van Kogelenberg

40 years experience in packaging
Jacob van Kogelenberg is a mechanical engineer with additional business administration training and has 40 years of experience in the packaging machinery industry. I have worked 15 years with Tevopharm Schiedam, Netherlands, building flow wrap and roll wrap machines with automatic feeding equipment, a few years in Brazil for Klöckner Hänsel do Brazil building the same type of equipment, and after a short period in bottling equipment, 16 years for SIG ( Schweizer Industrie Gesellschafft), later Bosch Packaging Systems in Beringen, Switzerland. That company again is leader in high speed packaging equipment for biscuits, chocolate, granola bars, but also stick pack and sachet for powders and cartoning equipment for these packs. Since December 2012 I am an independent consultant. Based on my experience with gas flush packaging of soft bakery products I have given seminars at the University of Wageningen on packaging of bakery products. I have been in charge of installation and commissioning of packaging systems for biscuit products in the UK and USA, an experience that has given me insights in the real world of handling and packaging biscuits, chocolate and granola bars and other products. Having worked in the design of equipment, but also in the installation, sales and product management as well as in management functions and managing Director I have gained a holistic view of the business relating the different aspects.
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Articles by Jacob van Kogelenberg
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