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Savoury cracker biscuits
Hi we are producing a savoury cracker biscuit and currently we are facing the problem of unable to get desired thickness of that biscuit  What are the possible mehods to open up structure of a savour...
Regarding the shelflife
Hello great people. I have a biscuit company in Nepal. But the biscuits is getting soft after a month of packaging. Though its life is 6-8 months. So is there any chemical i can use to increase its sh...
Biscuit plant OEE
Hi  This is not about baking technology If we imagine a biscuits plant consist of Dough feeding + Cutter + Oven + Packaging machines how we implement OEE calculation for Total Plant (from mixing to...
Blisters on marie biscuits
There is a marie recipe with less fat and high water ratio. When producing there is large crust blister on top of the biscuit  We tried with reduce 1st zone temperature to avoid aggressive heat and t...