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Rasika Ekanayake

Biscuits Consultant
Eighteen years of Multidisciplinary Working Experience of which Sixteen years in the Bakery Industry (Layer Cake & Biscuits), & Two years of Beverage Industry in with a proven track record in the industry. Production Experience in Following aspects such as Production Planning & Management, Factory Management (Food Processing), Plant & Machinery Maintenance, Food Safety Management Systems (ISO, HACCP), Stock Control, Procurement Management, Supply Chain Management, COP Evaluation & Pricing, Plant Hygiene & Personal Hygiene Management, Training & Education, Software Development project for ERP systems, System Infrastructure Development (IT). As a Research & Development Officer with a wide range of experience in the Food Industry, Including New Products & Process Development, Plant and Machinery Development, Process Engineering Solutions, Process Technology, Process Control & Quality Control Techniques, Proven leadership skills involving managing, developing and motivating teams to achieve their objectives, First-class analytical, design and problem solving skills & as well as Dedicated to maintaining high quality standards. Specialties: 1.Multidisciplinary Specialist in the field of Food Manufacturing, Operations Management (Biscuits, Layer Cake & Beverage Manufacturing). 2. Specialized in any kind of Biscuits Formula Development (Short dough, hard dough, fermented dough ) according to the Market Sales Requirement, Customer's need. 3. Specialize in Process Cost Controlling & Cost Analyzing in any Food Industry.
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