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Tim Tam

Cookie aficionados, it's time we present you another biscuit top brand. One of Australia's most beloved cookies are chocolate biscuit Tim Tam, manufactured by company Arnott's Biscuits.

Well, their official slogan declares “It’s not a cookie, it’s a Tim Tam” but for the sake of this article, we’re going to say these are cookies extraordinaire. This delightful snack food is made of two malted cookies separated by a light chocolate cream filling and it's coated in a thin layer of textured chocolate. The Tim Tam range varies and includes some of their bestsellers. Limited edition range consists of Messina salted caramel and vanilla cookies, Messina black forest, Messina choc mint and Messina coconut and lychee. Sounds delicious, right?

Classics are always popular, and Tim Tam's range includes original, classic dark, white, chewy caramel, and double coat – all referencing the type of chocolate used for the finished product.

The original Arnott’s bakery was in Newcastle, New South Wales in 1865 and the production has largely stayed in Australia. The secret of Tim Tam’s is still safely guarded within the walls of the Arnott’s factory.

To keep up with demand, Tim Tam original cookies are produced at around 3000 biscuits per minute, which equates to approximately 60 biscuits per second. Their chocolate coating, which is made from three different types of chocolate, is produced at a rate of 20 tonnes per 24 hours.

If you're in the mood for a mix of different treats, you can find Tim Tam variety box which has combination of „chocolicious bites“, mixture of original, dark and gooey caramel. It's stated on their website, they're little bites of magic!

Ian Norris created the Tim Tam cookies during a world inspiration tour, and they found their way on to the market in 1964, so the cookies have a rather long history. In 2008, Arnott's sister company Pepperidge Farm began importing the cookies to the United States. This year an additional flavour was manufactured and produces only for the American market – dark chocolate mint. They're available at major grocers and stores such as Target, Walmart, Amazon, Kroger, Albertsons, Safeway, Publix, Meijer, HEB, Hannaford, Giant, and Wakefern.

The recipe is quite simple (except the part that is kept secret) and delicious. Sugar, flour, colours and flavours begin the process in a gigantic hopper which mixes the ingredients for 20 minutes to create the cookie dough. Then the conveyor belt steps up to warp speed. Biscuits cut 1mm thick, 11 holes punched, baked for 90m through six gas fired ovens, cooled by freezing air, biscuits flipped and filled with cream, bathed in a pool of chocolate, another dose of freezing air, choirs of robotic arms picking and filling. And suddenly a pack of Tim Tams is born. And a few million of its siblings.

Tim Tam are more than just a regular treat for your sweet tooth. The Tim Tam is also an excellent accompaniment for cakes, either as part of the filling or as a decoration in place of icing. You can even improve ice cream by sprinkling crushed Tim Tams on top, or do the same to your iced coffee or milkshake.


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