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The Right Bite: The Hottest Biscuits Trends in 2021!

The Right Bite: The Hottest Biscuits Trends in 2021!

Continuing off from where we last left, for today’s article we have prepared a topic that we are well familiar with – biscuit trends!. You have probably already got the gist of the article just by reading the title. It is a topic we are well acquainted with as we have written several other articles about “the right bite”, one of the most popular biscuit trends in 2021.

But what does this refer to exactly? Well, it refers to choice. The people of today like having a choice, as we have said several times during the last half a year or so. Many of us lead very hectic lifestyles. We work 9-5 jobs, we usually get stuck in traffic, some of us have families so we have to leave our kids off at school, football practice, attend plays etc.

This can be a very stressful lifestyle, and sometimes… people can forget about proper diets. As we have so many other things too, including work, schools, fitness, grocery shopping, paying bills, etc. it can be hard to manage a proper diet i.e. prepare your own food. But all it takes is some organisation, along with a little (but meaningful) help from the respective food and biscuit industries and current biscuit trends.

The Right Bite: Biscuit trends 2021

When we said that “the right bite” refers to choice, we meant exactly that. But to be more specific, given the context of the above paragraph, “the right bite” refers to different-sized biscuit and snack packages in the food industry in 2021. As we lead hectic lifestyles, we find ourselves in numerous situations, and a single package size of one’s favourite biscuits might not be adequate for every occasion.

It is easy to picture this.  

While all jobs have official breaks where employees can have lunch etc. most of us also take five or ten-minute breaks, depending on how fast we are done with our tasks. Most people usually drink coffee during these breaks, to get that extra bit of energy to get them through the day. And more often than not, it is a good idea to sweeten up these breaks with something sweet, another source of short-burst energy.

This is why it is impractical to carry around large packages of snacks or biscuits around the office. First of all, where are you going to store these biscuits? Secondly, if you carry them around all day, they might lose out on their freshness. The good thing is that, fortunately, the vast majority of biscuit manufacturers sell different-sized packaging for different occasions. These are some positive snack food industry trends. Take Oreo for example, with their bite-sized packaging of Oreo cookies!

oreo cookies

These are perfect for office hours, as you can store them in your pocket, the amount of biscuits is just right (you don’t have to worry you’ll overeat on them) and once you are done with them, you can easily dispose of the left-over packaging (don’t forget to recycle!).

But of course, the possibilities do not end there. While the bite-sized packaging is ideally suited for consumption by one person who is e.g., hiking, biking, walking, working in an office or other places, it can hardly feed two or more people, let alone an entire family. However, and luckily for us with large families, there are also family-sized packages which are perfect for family nights and gatherings.

However, if you feel like it, you could also buy the family-sized bags or boxes of biscuits just for yourself. Maybe you don’t live with your family anymore or don’t have one yourself yet or maybe you just don’t feel like sharing today… whatever the case, the important thing to note is that you have that choice, and that is always a good thing to have. And don’t worry about our little secret, we won’t tell anyone.

Is “The Right Bite” the hottest biscuit trend right now?

Is the right bite an important trend? I wouldn’t say that it is, there might be some more important future food industry trends, but the “right bite” trend doesn’t just stop at size! There are multiple facets to this biscuit market trend. There are numerous different factors that determine the outcome of a particular company’s business year, and this is all connected to the contemporary trends in the consumer market.

Biscuit and consumers: What are consumers looking for in their snacks?

When it comes to Biscuit Packaging, consumers are looking for quality biscuit packaging material, biscuit packaging ideas, creative design and boxes, as well as different biscuit packaging types, trays and luxury packaging.

However, many of the trends in the biscuit industry are connected to the general purchasing norms of the current majority in the consumer base. The current consumer base is mostly made of the so-called “boomer” and “millennial” generations, with the millennial generation taking the lead. However, the number of Gen Z and Gen X consumers and workers is also increasing, so it is also important to take a look at their purchasing habits.

It is the majority of the consumer base that sets forth the trends in the biscuits industry (and food industry in general), so what are the biscuit trends for 2021 and what do consumers like?

food industry influencers

Marketing trends that appeal to consumers

You’ve probably got the basic idea behind this trend by now. We’ve talked a lot about packaging size, but size is not the sole factor that influences the purchasing habits of the consumer base. The one true paradigm behind this trend is that people like having choice. But these choices can manifest in totally different ways.

size it important

The first type of choice we have mentioned is size. People like being able to purchase different-sized packaging for different occasions. But size alone cannot cover all of their needs. Flavours, ingredients and our current emotional states can all have an impact on the decisions we make when it comes to shopping.

This is all basic psychology. When we feel sad, we might indulge ourselves in lavish amounts of sweet biscuits or ice-cream (or a combination of the two). When we feel energetic, we might try something spicy or if one feels like their life needs a change, that person might start eating more diverse and healthier food. This might seem stereotypical, but it is true. Our needs influence what we buy and consume. Also, our childhood memories might influence our taste in food as well, so when someone sees the Cookie Monster, they might get a craving for some co-ooo-kies!

comfort food

As I’ve have previously mentioned, the people of today lead very hectic lifestyle. This can lead to large amounts of stress, unfortunately, so many people will seek comfort food. This desire can manifest in different ways, and many people have their own idea of what proper “comfort food” is. For example, we here at Biscuit People obviously like to consume biscuits!

For others, however, comfort food might be anything from a slice of bread with some kind of spread to large-sized pizza with four different kinds of cheese. However, the food industry, specifically the biscuit industry (as biscuits are generally both a great snack and comfort food) have recognized the need to produce their own version of “comfort food”. But why? How did they recognise this growing need amongst the consumer base?

Well, of course, such things are not easy to notice, and it all depends on the “size” of the trend and how long it lasts. The business market is a very risky place, and many business can ill-afford themselves to lose valuable capital and invest into something that, by the time it is launched, is no longer a popular trend. That is why it is important to research Millennials and their Consumer Culture.

5 strategies for connecting with your consumer base

Modern biscuit companies and businesses have to be in constant touch with their customers and consumer base. They constantly have to conduct surveys, take note of their competition and see how much profit they are losing out on by not releasing e.g., vegan-friendly alternatives or plant-based products.

In our previous article about the “plant-based revolution” trend, we postulated the notion that a small part of the consumer base (trend-setters like influencers, activists or celebrities) can create a snowball effect when it comes to trends amongst the consumer base. It is enough for a small portion of the consumer base with a high level of influence to set forth a trend for others to emulate for that trend to become “the next big thing”.

With the advent of global problems such as global warming and pollution, many young adults from the Gen Z and Gen X generations (even millennials to some extent) are starting to switch to veganism. This is in part due to their beliefs and the influence certain prominent climate activists and organisations exert. Of course, as The Vegan Trend is becoming quite large, many biscuit companies have started to manufacture and sell vegan-friendly alternatives and vegan biscuits for their customers.

On that note… simple biscuits are also becoming more and more popular. These are biscuits with three to four ingredients tops. Besides that, organic food is also growing more popular, as consumers start to use their higher purchasing power to buy higher-quality food. Last but not least, crazy and inventive new flavour trends are constantly popping up in 2021, so it is a good idea to keep an eye out for them. But back to the topic of connecting with your consumer base.

The trend-setters I’ve mentioned earlier are *sometimes* not necessary. Trend-setting can work the other way around as well, with the majority setting the trends and the minority adapting to their needs. Each generation has key specific differences when it comes to purchasing decisions. For example, millennials, due to the nature of their lifestyles, like having access to different sizes and flavours.

This means that the biscuit industry has to adapt to the majority of the consumer base, while also catering to the needs of the minority and older generations. It is a safe bet to develop products which would appease the majority of the consumer base, but certain investments into the development of spin-off products can prove valuable. Not only are you increasing the size of your consumer base and gaining new, loyal customers, but you’re also setting up the foundation for when the future generations become the majority. That is a huge step-ahead of your competition.

Short-sight has been the downfall of many companies through the last century, even earlier. We live in an economic system based on competition and proper adaptation. Companies and businesses that cannot adapt, that are stuck in their out-dated ways cannot hope to survive for long. The biscuit market, and the biscuit industry as a whole, is an ever-changing ocean of different influences and trends. Something that can help you stay afloat in this ocean is our Complete Collection of Biscuit Types, which you can use as a database to discover new biscuit types and expand your range of production.

Currently, this “ocean of trends” is mostly made up of millennials. The term “millennial” might seem derogatory to some (and some people do use it that way). It can have some negative connotations, as to some it represents those people who cannot purchase their own properties or find proper jobs. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Millennials are soon set to become the majority of the workforce, and as such, it is only fitting that they should be the majority of the consumer base.

So to summarize, the 5 strategies You can use to connect with Your consumer base are:

  1. Constantly conducting surveys
  2. Take note of the competition
  3. Releasing vegan-friendly alternatives etc,
  4. Partnering with influencers and trend-setters
  5. Catering to the majority in the consumer base

The most prominent trends in the current market are, as we have discussed so far, “the right bite” meaning different sizes, flavours and ingredients. These trends are set forth by millennials, but what about Gen Z and Gen X?

The Right Bite: What about Gen Z and Gen X?

Gen Z and Gen X young adults are still not a prominent part of the workforce or the consumer base. This is, of course, logical, as those people who do not have much purchasing power cannot hope to have a large influence on the trends in the market. Of course, trends can be set forth by certain individuals who exert a lot of influence over others, but these will be overshadowed by the majority in the consumer base until a new generation comes to replace it.

But why do Gen Z and Gen X lack purchasing power? Well, it is simple. They are simply still not ready to be an active part of the workforce. Most of them are entering their adolescent age and applying to college for the first time. The only ones working currently are those in secondary professions, especially since the need for such professions has risen tremendously.

There has been certain inflation of magisters and people with diplomas over the past decade, but these things tend to balance themselves out as secondary professions, the STEM fields, and the IT sector become very attractive. Be that as it may, Gen Z and Gen X will become a major part of the consumer base and workforce over the next decade, and as such, they might set forth new and never-before-seen trends.

What the industry knows so far, based on their research of the market, is that Gen Z strives more towards healthy food, while Gen X strives more towards indulgence. A mix between the two might be the golden ticket to profit in the upcoming decade! And with that statement, we would like to end today’s article. We hope you’ve enjoyed and learned something new about the market. Remember, successful businesses require constant monitoring of the market and adaptation!

gen Z trends

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