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Steinhaus GmbH Company: Almost 100 Years of High-Quality Equipment Tradition

Steinhaus GmbH Company: Almost 100 Years of High-Quality Equipment Tradition

You're a biscuit manufacturer, your business is in full swing, you have an innovative idea but you just don't know how to get started and where to get the best equipment? The solution is just easy: STEINHAUS GmbH!

STEINHAUS GmbH is a dynamic, soundly based, medium-sized company with its headquarters in the Ruhr area. It is part of a group of companies with approximately 3,500 employees in more than 50 support offices & locations worldwide and in this way never far away from you. Do not hesitate to contact them, they are always there for you!

Whatever your business, you want to achieve the best results. STEINHAUS GmbH supports you in doing so.  With almost 100 years of experience (founded 1922), this company is at home wherever precisely defined optimal results are required. The decisive difference is made by its ever more refined product solutions and quality down to the last detail – guaranteed by roundabout 150 highly engaged employees!

The delivery program includes screen panels made from steel, rubber and plastic; wire and plastic conveyor belts; OPTIMA welded slotted screens and industrial filter media; MULTOTEC process equipment and LuCoTec air spring systems.

For your applications, the topic of wire mesh conveyor belts is certainly of particular interest.

Besides a large selection from Braided Wire Belts, Wire Eylet Link Belts, Crossrod Belts, Spiral Belts to Honeycomb Belts etc. are especially the Rolled Baking Oven Belts and the CLEANBELT-System for you of particular interest.

Rolled baking oven belts are a special product when it comes to material quality, spiral structure, tolerances and applicational requirements, thus helping you to reach easy installation and maintenance with low costs as well as a long operational lifetime. Apart from that it is the only Z-belt for which a special cleaning device, making brush systems more efficient, has been developed. The spiral structure of the rolled baking oven belts is equal, with good angularity and always with the same number of spirals along the whole belt length. This advantage of the invariable mesh number is used by CLEANBELT ® in breaking the dirt in the belt’s mesh structure without missing a mesh. The oven’s brush systems to follow can then, if used adequately, remove the dirt better and more effectively.


For producing baked durables of all kinds of hard and soft biscuits in particular, rolled baking oven belts are preferred to be used instead of solid steel belts or heavy weight multiple spiral belts, if the dough does not require a completely impervious belt. Compared with other wire mesh belts, rolled baking oven belts have several advantages of being thinner and leighter in weight plus they have an even and smooth surface.
So the baked goods rest on a flat surface with less risk of breakage and packing is facilitated, since the bottom side of the product is smooth.
Compared with solid steel or multiple spiral belts rolled baking oven belts by STEINHAUS allow gases in the product to escape also downward during the baking process, so that no unwanted bubbles will appear at the reverse side of the product. Moreover, the bottom side shows an appealing characteristic pattern.

This excellent air permeability for these belts ensures perfect heat circulation, more economic heat management of the oven and baking processes can often be made faster.
Since 2013 rolled baking oven belts with their typical welded edges can be produced in width of up to 1900 mm. So in many tunnel ovens, where for reasons of width multiple spiral belts or other types of belts had to be used, it is now possible to change to the more economic STEINHAUS rolled baking oven belt. Our belts are approved by neutral surveillance companies for the use in the food industry.


Problems in daily operation caused by soiled baking oven belts such as detracted air circulation in the oven, increased costs for heat management, reduced flexibility and operational lifetime of the belt – all these adverse effects will be counteracted successfully by the CLEANBELT ® system in combination with the existing oven’s brushes.


  • The system works continuously and mechanically nearly maintenance free (only regular cleaning by compressed air or jet water)
  • Additional manual cleaning of the baking oven belt is either no more necessary or reduced to a minimum at much greater intervals
  • Improved oven’s heat management at reduced costs
  • Considerably reduced energy consumption for heating
  • Longer operational life time, since no more belt changes because of dirt
  • Suitable for several belt life time cycles
  • Easy installation since no electric components involved
  • Investment pays off in a short time

    Steinhous cleanbelt
    Contact Steinhaus GmbH

  • References

    Developed by and in cooperation with the French partner TMFCT, an experienced service company for the baking industry, CLEANBELT ® systems have been operating successfully since more than 7 years to the great satisfaction of clients. By now  this cleaning system is installed in more than 130 tunnel ovens in 18 countries worldwide:

    Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Russia, Poland, Czechia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan, Switzerland, Tunesia, etc. …

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