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bon o bon: a gift from the heart

bon o bon is one of the most famous brands of the Argentina-based company Arcor. A friendly, affectionate, simple and daily brand. A brand to share, to give from the heart.


bon o bon is a leader in the bonbon market in its home country while at the same time it exports 70% of its production to more than 60 countries across 6 continents.

How it all began

The story of bon o bon brand itself begins in 1984, when Fulvio Pagani wanted to launch a tempting chocolate treat that is available to everyone – children and adults, a product to be given and to be received as a gift.

The first TV commercial of the brand, named “Globo”, was launched in the early 90’s. The second commercial, “bon o bon viene y va” (bon o bon comes and goes) showed the brand stands for giving and receiving, and most of all – sharing.

It should be noted that in those years, bon o bon brand consisted only of candy. In 1994, the company decided to extend the brand and launched alfajores, adding them a unique bon o bon filling, covered with milk chocolate and white chocolate. Just a year later the company extended the brand once again - adding several more products, including wafers.

Suave (in English, literally: soft) is another bon o bon classic, and its launch was accompanied by this memorable ad.

We all have something good to give

In 2003, the Arcor even launched its classic bonbon with a new peanut butter filling, covered with milk chocolate and wafer. It is important to note that the peanut butter can be bought separately and used for cakes or as the company notes – you can it alone.

bon o bon got a whole new design on its 20th anniversary (in 2004). It also launched a new “Dar es dar” ad, being faithful to the give and receive philosophy that the brand promotes and for which it is known among its consumers.

To add to that philosophy, the company launched another ad in 2005 named “Corazón” to show that bon o bon is a gift from the heart (corazón = heart). The ad is ending with a message: “Todos tenemos algo bueno para dar”, meaning: “We all have something good to give.”

Thousand ways to say “I love you”

A similar message has been sent with the latest ad “Mil Te Quieros”: there are many ways to say “I love you” to a person without really saying it, expressed in thousand gestures and attitudes.

In 2014, the brand celebrated its 30th anniversary. Three new bon o bon treats were launched (bon o bon mix, bon o bon snack, and bon o bon combinado. That was the first addition of new flavors in 10 years, while bon o bon snack was a completely new product.

No matter which bon o bon product you like the most, make sure you don’t keep it all to yourself! Share it, gift it, and say to that special someone “I love you” in this sweet way.

Photo Source: bon o bon 

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