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Coconut Chocochip biscuits

Bibica Joint Stock Company is one of the leading manufacturing and trading companies in Vietnam. Each year, the company makes more than 20,000 tons of confectionery such as: cake, cookies, chocolate, moon cake, hard candy and soft candy.  


The company was officially established in 1999 by equitizing 3 workshops of Cake, Candy and Gluco Syrup of Bien Hoa Sugar Company. The product we're going to showcase today, are Coconut Chocochip biscuits.

Chocolate chip biscuits have a world wide popularity, and every region has a different take on it. Bibica makes: cheesecake chocochips, grape juice chocochips, duble chocolate chocochips, cashew chocochips and a new flavour – wheat chocochips.

Bibica Corporation has been considered to be “Manufacturer of Vietnamese high quality products” for 11 years by local consumers. They have a wide range of product, including  nutritional products such as: sugar free confectionery, low GI instant cereals, sugar free chocolate and baby food. They won a lot of awards such as „Top 5 confectionery“, „Gold Medal for Public Health“, „Golden Cup for prestige securities“ and many more. The Bibica Corporation have an important role in the community. The community service they are most proud of are programs called – School Attendance and Explore the world of Confectionery. They also give 1000 scholarships to promising students.

The history of the chocolate chip cookie is very interesting. It is reported they were created by accident, however some reports show that the mastermind behind them - Ruth Graves Wakefield knew what she was doing and she named her invention the Toll House Chocolate Crunch Cookie. Since they were easy to make, soon they became a staple in American households.

Coconut flavoured biscuits are by no means a new invention, but did you know that even though we associate palm trees with tropical destinations, their true origin is unknown. The reason coconut and chocolate go so well together is because coconuts don't overpower chocolate's sweetness. Today there are a lot of variations of the chocolate chip biscuit, they are made with nuts, peanut butter and ice cream, just to name a few. Bibica sells them in 300g and 144g packages.

Photo source: Bibica

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