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The Vegan Trend: How and Why

The Vegan Trend: How and Why

In today’s article, we’ll focus on a trend that is increasing in popularity. Read on to discover more about veganism and the impact it has on the industry.

What is the difference between veganism and vegetarianism? I thought they were the same thing!” You might be saying. Well, actually, there is one major difference that separates vegans from vegetarians.

Vegan-friendly cookies

You will find out what this difference is soon enough. For starters, however, we will be explaining what veganism actually is and what it entails and how it is affecting the biscuit industry. Apart from that, we will mention the major biscuit brands and types that are one hundred percent vegan, so if you practice a vegan lifestyle, you can be safe knowing that the biscuits and cookies listed in this article are animal-products free and safe for consumption. Let’s start things off with the basic definitions and descriptions of both veganism and vegetarianism and why this trend has become so popular in recent years. Disclaimer: We are not propagating veganism or telling you how to lead your lives in any way. We are just trying to shed some light on the trend, so that you may know what veganism actually is. If you are already vegan, then this article should prove useful and informative, as you will know which products to buy/consume and which to avoid.

Veganism & Vegetarianism: What are They and What is the Difference?

We cannot discuss the vegan trend and how it is affecting the biscuit industry if we don’t even know what is and why people choose to lead such a lifestyle. To give you a better understanding of what veganism and vegetarianism are, we are going to give you the basic definitions for each and then go into details about each (the Why & How).

Different Kinds of Fruit and Vegetables Vegans use in their Diet

Veganism, as a way of life, has been present for decades now, maybe even centuries. None can know for certain, although this way of lifestyle started to pick up traction as a “trend” back in the 1940s. That is when the first organizations, such as the Vegan Society, which propagate the vegan lifestyle as the proper and ethical way of living, were formed. Although the vegan organizations had been formed, they lacked that particular “something” that would unify them in their goal and mission. What they lacked was a definition of veganism itself. While it certainly is not hard to understand what veganism is, it is hard to imagine these organisations would be able to attract any new followers without a proper definition of what such a drastic change in one’s lifestyle means.

Nuts for vegan friendly biscuits

The very first definition of veganism was coined in 1949 by Leslie J Cross, who suggested veganism to be defined as: “The principle of the emancipation of animals from exploitation by man.” Over the years, this definition has been changed numerous times, with the final one coming to light in 1988. Ever since then, this single definition has been used by the Vegan Society to define what veganism actually is:

A philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude — as far as is possible and practicable — all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to animals for food, clothing or any other purpose; and by extension, promotes the development and use of animal-free alternatives for the benefit of animals, humans and the environment. In dietary terms it denotes the practice of dispensing with all products derived wholly or partly from animals.

So, there you have it, this is the definition of what veganism is. To go a little bit more in detail, veganism propagates a lifestyle devoid of any animal products, be it for food, medicine or clothing. Vegans also oppose the use of animals for human entertainment, such as circus shows. But why is this so? What makes vegans so opposed to consuming meat and using animal products?

Vegan brekfast

For starters, most vegans believe that consuming meat is unethical. And not just meat, but any animal product for that matter, such as eggs and milk. Their reasoning comes from the fact that animals are living, breathing creatures as well, that they have emotions and the right to lead long and happy lives. Some people counter this view by arguing that humans are (while certainly on a higher evolutional scale) still animals. While we may have philosophy, art, and technology, we still need to sate our basic needs. These basic needs include feeding, and since humans are omnivores, meat should be a part of one’s balanced diet. The vegans go even further to counter this by saying that, while being animals, we can control our needs and not have to feed off other animals.

Other reasons why vegans chose to avoid animal products is because they consider the food industry to be unnecessarily cruel and dangerous to the environment. Objectively speaking, this is somewhat true, as animals are forced to live in terrible conditions before they’re “put to the meat grinder.” Many vegans don’t even condone people who eat meat. However, vegans don’t understand those who bash the vegan lifestyle, arguing how it is easy for them to consume animal products when they’re not the ones “pulling the trigger”. But how in the world is the food industry negatively affecting the environment? Let’s take a look at an even that has recently been quite relevant…

A Calf on a Ranch

What if we told you that the meat industry and the fires in the Amazon rainforest might be connected? Sounds like a conspiracy theory at first, we know, but don’t pull out your aluminium hats just yet. Consider this… In order to have a successful meat industry, you need to have a large number of cattle and other animals. Logical, right? But what do these animals need? They need food and land to grow. And since the human population is ever-increasing, ranchers and farmers need more and more land to sustain it. They have to meet demands; so, they look for new places to grow wheat and plants and build new farms. It just so happens that the Amazon, if deforested, would be the perfect place for the needs of these farmers. Of course, we could see the devastating consequences of such rash thinking.

This is why vegans believe that refraining from animal products is a way to actually help the environment. By not purchasing these products, the farmers and ranchers wouldn’t need to expand into the different natural areas. If they did, they would lose profit, and no business wants to actively lose on income. This way, there are no man-made fires, only the natural occurring ones, which nature takes care of itself.

Because of this, many vegans believe that they need to actively exercise their civil rights by protesting against the consumption of meat, in order to raise awareness of the bad sides of the food industry and the negative impact it has on animals and nature.

This is where the impact on the biscuit industry comes into play. The vegan kind of lifestyle is an extremely hard one to lead. Seriously, if you are not vegan, could you imagine yourself not eating meat, eggs or cheese or drinking milk? Yes, many restaurants and fast food places offer vegetarian meals, but vegetarianism is not the same as veganism. Vegetarianism is the principle of not eating meat, but still consuming other animal products. In this way, vegetarianism is a lot easier to follow, and many vegans start of as vegetarians. But it is not simple to be a vegetarian either, as the whole modern food industry is centred around meat. Even fast food meals, such as hamburgers, are often times cheaper than salads. You have to have a significant amount of patience and passion to be a true vegan, but many people are still able to pull it off.

Veganism and Biscuit Industry: How Does it all Connect?

So, imagine this scenario. There are millions of people leading a vegan lifestyle across the world, with thousands becoming vegans every passing minute. This is a huge market just ripe for the taking. We’ve already established how the vegan lifestyle is challenging (as you’re limited to mostly fruit, wheat, vegetables, basically an herbivore diet) so naturally, many vegans will look for something sweet to satisfy their needs for “luxury” meals. Cocoa is the staple ingredient in many vegan desserts, and thankfully, there are many vegan-friendly products and replacements for the animal products. There are imitations of milk, cheese and even meat! The complete information required to make vegetable crackers.

breakfast-Vegan-friendly cookies

But still, it can sometimes be tiresome to be vegan, and many people look for something quick and easy to put under their tooth. This is where the numerous biscuit companies come into play. Naturally, it is beneficial to a business to satisfy the majority of their consumers, otherwise, they would be losing out on income. If you neglect the needs of your vegan consumers, chances are, your business is going to experience a decline. It might appear that vegans are in the minority when it comes to consumers, but the trend has been gaining traction ever since its inception. This is especially true for modern times, so vegans may represent a major part of the consumer base in the near future. And it’s not like the non-vegans care that a company does or does not use animal products. Most people don’t even know that, for example, animal fat is used in the baking of certain biscuits. But vegans do, and instead of drawing the ire of the vegan community, why not make your products vegan-friendly? Everyone is happy this way, you’ve gained a large new wave of supporters, and you appear ethical in the eyes of the vegan community. There are some companies who’ve decided to follow this business strategy, turning their products into vegan-friendly snacks!

Biscuit Brands That are Vegan-friendly!

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re vegan and you might wish to know which biscuits are safe for your consumption. If not, then maybe you just wish to know which companies follow the vegan trend. These are some of the companies that have made their products vegan-friendly!

crackers biscuit vegan

First, we’re going to start off with the most famous cookie brand, probably ever! That’s right, we are talking about Oreo! Oreo has been a staple product in the biscuit industry for innumerable years, and it’s one of the most famous and profitable cookies in the history of mankind, even today. We’ve written entire articles about the Oreo cookies, in which we talk about their history and origin and interesting trivia connected to them. Although the original recipe used animal fats, they’ve changed it over time to be both vegan friendly and kosher. Actually, the vegan-friendly label is a side-effect of the cookies becoming kosher. It has certainly proven to be a valid business decision, as vegans also became able to consume Oreos after the change. Those people who practice the vegan lifestyle can be safe knowing that these delicious little cookies do not use any animal products.

Other great biscuits that belong on this list are the Rich tea biscuits, Fox’s party rings, Nairn’s dark chocolate chip, Bourbon, Hobnobs choc chip, Pink wafers, Lotus biscoff, Ginger nuts and Hobnob originals. Out of the above-mentioned vegan-friendly biscuits, we would like to single out the Hobnobs choc chip and Hobnobs original. They are biscuits produced by McVitie’s, a world-famous brand from the UK, so you know their quality is guaranteed. Another popular brand from this list is the Bourbon, which is beloved by vegans and non-vegans alike!

cookies vegan

We hope you’ve gained an understanding of what veganism is, the difference between veganism and vegetarianism, and how this trend is affecting the biscuit industry. If you’re already vegan, we hope the list at the end of the article has been informative and that you now have a better knowledge of which products you can consume. As for veganism, it is a trend that is sure to gain more and more popularity, as it’s becoming ever more apparent that the harmful food industry needs a radical change. In the meantime, there are numerous delicious vegan-friendly biscuits to help those seeking to lead this kind of lifestyle.

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