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Misura: Italian Biscuit Brand

Misura: Italian Biscuit Brand

Misura is a well-known biscuit brand with an impressive portfolio of different types of biscuits.

What is important to note, however, is that Misura produces a wide range od different confectionary products. Among these are biscuits, croissants, crackers, toasts, snack bars, cereal, pasta and juices! But, of course, as a biscuit magazine, we are going to focus on Misura’s range of biscuits.

We are going to take a look at every biscuit Misura has to offer (which, from what we can say from our preliminary research, look amazing!). We are going to do a quick overview of each biscuit, along with their ingredients lists.

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Right, with that out of the way, how about we start with the overview of Misura biscuits?

Fibrextra: Whole-wheat biscuits

Right, it is time to take a look at the first biscuit on our list! We have already mentioned that Misura has an impressive portfolio of biscuits and that is no small boast! The first biscuit on our list are the Fibrextra biscuits. As their very name implies, the Fibrextra biscuits are rich in fibre.

The Fibrextra biscuits are made from whole-wheat grains, and as Misura states, they are a perfect blend of pleasure and healthy benefits. Another noteworthy thing to mention is that the whole-wheat grains are a hundred percent integral.

We here at Biscuit People know the importance of knowing exactly what one is consuming. In a world where the food industry is faced with innumerable challenges, it is important to keep the consumer base as safe as possible. It is therefore that there are innumerable legislations and international laws which govern food safety standards. You can read all about this in our Food Safety Briefing 2020: Food Safety Challenges article.

When it comes to Misura, it seems that they know the importance of free-from products and have a great knowledge of modern marketing trends. With that in mind, they offer products that are free from gluten, preservatives, colouring, palm oil and trans fats, most of which are harmful substances. These biscuits are also made out of organic eggs harvested from Italy.

Fibrextra: Cereal, fruit and chocolate muesli biscuits

Fruit and chocolate biscuits

It seems that Fibrextra whole-wheat biscuits are not the only types of biscuits from the Fibrextra range of Misura biscuits! They also come in the delicious cereal, fruit and chocolate muesli flavour! This variant of the Fibrextra whole-wheat biscuits just screams “good-health” and “fitness”, and as such, is suitable for anyone looking to maintain or reduce their weight!

„No secrets, the good is all here!“ is the official Misura moniker for this line of their biscuits (and their other lines as well)! It means that the company is quite transparent when it comes to their ingredients list, which is a huge plus for us! It is always beneficial to know what you’re eating, and thanks to Misura, you can always check exactly what you’re consuming.

Speaking of which, the Fibrextra cereal, fruit and chocolate muesli biscuits are rich in fibres just like their whole-wheat counterpart. They are produced without glucose syrup, without hydrogenated fats, without preservatives and colouring fats as well as palm oils. Many of these act as allergens for a large percentage of the population, so it is good that the people who are allergic to these ingredients have healthy and tasty alternatives.

When it comes to packaging, the Fibrextra cereal, fruit and chocolate biscuits are available in packages of two-hundred and thirty grams (eight-point eleven oz)

Fibrextra: Shortbread dark chocolate biscuits

Dark Chocolate and biscuits

We have another variant of the Fibrextra whole-wheat biscuits – the Fibrextra shortbread dark chocolate biscuits! These Misura biscuits are made from whole-wheat grains Belgian dark chocolate, making for a delicious and unique recipe, rich in taste and fibre, just like its two other counterparts!

When it comes to ingredients, the Fibrextra shortbread dark chocolate biscuits are pretty much identical to the previous Fibrextra biscuits on our list. They are rich in fibres, and made without glucose syrup, hydrogenated fats, preservatives, colouring and palm oil.

A big plus is that the eggs used for the recipe are domestic, organic Italian eggs! This guarantees their quality taste and helps the local Italian economy. Another great thing about the Fibrextra shortbread dark chocolate biscuits is that they have sixty percent less saturated fats compared to the average best-selling shortbread biscuit brand!

As for the available packaging, they are, unfortunately, only available in one size. They come in packaging weighing two hundred and ninety grams (ten-point twenty-three oz)

Privolat: Honey biscuits

These biscuits are sneaky! Why? Because they do not contain any milk or eggs! And you can’t even notice that! This makes this range of Misura biscuits perfectly suited towards vegans!

And speaking of vegans, we have an entire article written on the vegan trend. It is an informative and interesting read, so why not check it out? Here is the link for the full The Vegan Trend: How and Why 

The main ingredient of Privolat honey biscuits is, as the name clearly implies, honey! Honey is an evergreen ingredient, meaning that it is always very popular (and for good reason). Honey has been a staple ingredient in biscuits since the Middle Ages, primarily due to its healthy attributes and the fact that it cannot go bad. It was also seen as a gift from God, due to the passages in the Bible referencing Kanaan as a paradise of milk and honey.

Even in the Ancient Times it was viewed as a gift from the gods. If you want to learn more about these interesting facts, you can always read our Lebkuchen: A Traditional German Cookie from Nuremberg article!

So… what about the ingredients list? Well, just like their Fibrextra “brethren”, the Privolat Honey biscuits made without hydrogenated fats, glucose syrup, dyes, preservatives and palm oil. They also have a reduced amount of saturated fats, up to sixty-five percent, which is incredible! This fact makes Privolat biscuits a very healthy biscuit choice!

Privolat: Chocolate chip cookies

If the Privolat honey biscuits are too simple for you, and you’re looking to spice things up, then the Privolat chocolate chip cookies are perfect for you! They’re almost as healthy as the Privolat honey biscuits variant, but even tastier (although honey is a timeless flavour!)

If you’re suffering from lactose intolerance, and let’s face it, many people unfortunately are, then these biscuits are great for you as they are lactose free. As is the case with the previous biscuits on our list, the Privolat chocolate chip cookies achieve their great taste without using hydrogenated fats, glucose syrup, dyes, preservatives and palm oil.

They’re also a great source of fibres and come in two packaging – the first weighing two hundred and ninety grams (ten-point twenty-three oz), and the other – three hundred and twenty grams (eleven-point twenty-nine oz).

Privolat: Cocoa and puffed rice biscuits

Another great Privolat type of biscuits is the Privolat cocoa and puffed rice biscuit! As their name implies, the main ingredients of these biscuits are cocoa and puffed rice. Sounds delicious, does it not? It amazing how Misura manages to create such amazing products without using the ingredients so prevalent in other brands and businesses! They are a clear example that you can achieve free-from biscuits with great taste! They’re also suitable for people with lactose intolerance!

The Privolat cocoa and puffed rice biscuits are made without the already well-known ingredients. They also contain fifty percent less saturated fats compared to other well-selling shortbreads. They come in two standard packagings, weighing the same as Privolat chocolate chip cookies.

Dolcesenza: Shortbread cereal biscuits

And now we come to another line of Misura biscuits called Dolcesenza! The main selling point of Dolcesenza biscuits is that they contain no added sugars, so they’re great for people suffering from diabetes.

The Dolcesenza shortbread cereal biscuits are made with two types of flour. They are a great source of fibres (as all of their other biscuits are), and are, you guessed it, made without palm oil, preservatives and other such ingredients. The Dolcensenza shortbread cereal biscuit recipe also uses domestic, freshly-harvested hen eggs.

Dolcesenza: Shortbread biscuits with chocolate flakes

Not much to say about the Dolcesenza shortbread biscuits with chocolate flakes. They’re basically the same thing as the Dolcesenza shortbread cereal biscuits. The only differences are the shape and the main ingredient – chocolate flakes!

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like chocolate? So, if you’re looking for a great chocolate variant of the Dolcesenza lines of Misura biscuits, look no further than this!

Dolcesenza: Yoghurt shortbread biscuits


These are some of the most popular Misura biscuits! Beloved by many Italians, they make for perfect breakfast biscuits. But, unfortunately, they’re not suitable for people with lactose intolerance, because, well… you can see what their main ingredient is.

The Dolcesenza yoghurt shortbread biscuits also contain no added sugars. In fact, they contain a sugar substitute which, in the long run, is healthier than consuming regular sugar. But, of course, these biscuits must be complimented with a proper and healthy diet in order to benefit from the sugar substitute.

Natura Ricca: Biscuits with soy and cereals

Another new line of Misura biscuits on our list. Boy… do these guys pack a lot of biscuits or what? Not that we’re complaining… this is great! It is always beneficial to have several quality options available. And Misura are doing a superb job at this!

“Natura ricca” can be translated to something like “rich nature.” The author of the text apologizes to any native speakers of Italian if the phrase was improperly translated. Feel free to correct us and give us some feedback on the article in the process!

But back to Natura Ricca biscuits… the reason that these biscuits are called “rich nature” is because they’re made from the best ingredients that nature has to offer. The Natura Ricca biscuits with soy and cereals are very healthy, rich in taste and nutritional.

As you’ve probably already guessed, they are made without the ingredients mentioned in the previous biscuit sections. It is also important to note that these biscuits are GMO-free. And speaking of GMO, we have a written article on it, what it is exactly and how it came to be. You can read our Non-GMO Food: GMO and its Impact on the Biscuit Industry article to learn more.

Multigrain: Whole-wheat biscuits with crunchy cereals

The multigrain Misura biscuits are very unique amongst the Misura biscuit line-up as they constitute a category of their own and have no other counterparts. We do not know why this is so. Maybe it is a new line of Misura biscuits which was launched recently, and it will be supplemented by additional tastes and flavours.

As for the biscuits themselves, they are whole-wheat multigrain biscuits with crunchy cereal, just like the title says. The multigrain biscuit recipe uses a mix of six different cereals and whole-wheat flour.

Again, it is made without all the previously mentioned ingredients. They are a healthy, nutritional source of fibres and other healthy benefits!

Natura Ricca: Biscuits with chia seeds, chocolate chips and amaranth

Right, now that we’ve mentioned the multigrain Misura biscuits which are in a category of their own (and so far the only biscuits in their line), it is time to return to the Natura Ricca line of Misura biscuits.

This variant of the Natura Ricca biscuits contains chia seeds, chocolate chips and amaranth as its three main ingredients! What is even more interesting about these biscuits is that their recipe uses raw cane sugar. The Natura Ricca biscuits (not all) also contain the alpha-linolenic acid, which contributes to the maintenance of normal cholesterol levels.

Many mouth-watering chocolate chips in a tasty pastry enriched with amaranth flour and chia seeds ... a rich and natural taste!

Natura Ricca: Biscuits with chia seeds, quinoa and ginger

The final variant of the Natura Ricca types of biscuits are the Natura Ricca biscuits with chia seeds, quinoa and ginger. Quinoa is a very prominent ingredient in these biscuits, as it has been crowned “The Queen Cereal”.

Other than that, there is not much to say about the final variant of Natura Ricca biscuits. Just like the other variants, these biscuits are very healthy and contribute to maintaining normal cholesterol levels. Give them a try! Quinoa is a great ingredient and you won’t regret trying one of the healthy and delicious biscuits!

Basso Indice Glicemico: Low glycemic index biscuits

You’re probably wondering what “low glycemic index” means. Well… the glycemic index represents the speed at which blood sugar increases following the intake of food. Because Misura has replaced flour starch with resistant starch (a fibre extracted from corn), the glycemix index of Basso Indice Glicemico biscuits is lower than thirty-five. This makes the final Misura biscuit on our list perfect for people with a high amount of blood sugar!

And that would be it from us today! We hope you’ve enjoyed our scoop of the Misura brand! They are a company which seems to care about the health of its consumer base, and we applaud them for that. We also hope that this article was very informative. Cheers until next time!

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