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How to Make an Authentic Liège Waffle?

In this article, our pastry chef shares a few tips on making the perfect Liège waffle!

The Liège waffle, commonly known as sweet waffle or Belgian waffle, is a delicious Belgian speciality that has conquered the world! The Liège waffle is a dessert that tastes delicious either hot or cold.

Here are 10 great tips for making Liège waffles:

  1. Use a tried and tested recipe. A Liège waffle may seem simple to make at first glance, but expertise and experience is key when it comes to making the perfect waffle.

  2. Choose a butter with 82% fat to ensure your waffle has a smooth texture. The type of butter you use impacts the waffle’s texture, taste, and flavour.

  3. A great Liège waffle blends smoothness with crunchiness. High-quality pearl sugar is key to making a delicious waffle. Remember to mix the pearl sugar quickly to avoid it disintegrating when blended into the dough.

  4. The butter should be at room temperature when preparing the dough so make sure to take it out of the fridge well beforehand. The target dough temperature is around 27°C. 

  5. Use a powerful blender to ensure the dough is well mixed and smooth.

  6. When shaping the dough into waffles, make sure they are evenly sized and tightly packed. How you shape your dough will directly impact the final appearance of your waffles.

  7. Let the dough rise in a controlled environment. We recommend a temperature of 29°C and a humidity level of 85% (R.H.).

  8. The brand of waffle maker you choose is also important. A great waffle maker will ensure consistent baking results. At Couplet Sugars, we use AMPI professional waffle makers.  

  9. Once the dough is ready, avoid leaving it out in the open, otherwise a crust will form. Covering the dough with a protective plastic or fabric is a simple and effective solution.

  10. After baking, place the waffles on a grill.

With these tips, you get waffles that taste unique and authentic! Crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside!

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