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Chips Ahoy! The #1 Chocolate Chip Cookie

Chips Ahoy! The #1 Chocolate Chip Cookie

In today’s article, we will be taking a closer look at one of the most popular chocolate chip cookies in the United States – Chips Ahoy!

You might have read one of our previous articles where we talked about the most popular cookie sandwich – Oreo. These cookies share an arbitrary connection, as they are both prized as the most popular cookies in their respective categories.

These two biscuit brands, Oreo and Chips Ahoy!, are often compared, as they both carry the title of the number one cookie for their respective biscuit types. Today, however, we will be focusing on Chips Ahoy! 

As for the Chips Ahoy! cookies themselves, read on to learn the history behind chocolate chip cookies, discover interesting new facts and trivia, additional information regarding Nabisco’s finances and advertising campaigns. Along with this plethora of information, we will also list the various types of Chips Ahoy! cookies, their nutritional values, and recipes that use the Chips Ahoy! cookies as the main ingredient.

Chips Ahoy!: The History of the Chocolate Chip Cookies

As Chips Ahoy! are the most popular mass-produced chocolate chip cookies (but not the first!), we thought it would be a good idea to give you a quick overview of the origin and history behind chocolate chip cookies.

Chocolate chip cookies originate from the United States and are aptly named so due to their main ingredient – chocolate chips or chocolate morsels. Two American chefs are credited with their invention, and their names are Ruth Graves Wakefield and Sue Brides. Ruth Graves Wakefield was the owner of the Toll House Inn in Whitman, Massachusetts, which was a popular restaurant with home-cooked meals.

There are certain incorrect bits of information regarding the story of the creation of the chocolate chip cookies. Many people seem to believe that Ruth Graves Wakefield invented the cookies by accident. This is false, as she herself stated that she deliberately added the chocolate chips to her cookie recipe.

The most popular homemade dessert they served at the Toll House Inn was the thin butterscotch nut cookie with ice cream. As stated by Ruth, everybody seemed to like these. But she wanted to add something new and different to the menu. That is how the chocolate chip cookie came to be.

Ruth developed the recipe for her chocolate chip cookies by adding chopped-up bits of a Nestlé semi-sweet chocolate bar into cookie dough. She named the cookies “Toll House Chocolate Crunch Cookies”. The recipe for the cookies in Toll House Tried and True Recipes carries that very same name.

This same cookbook, written by Ruth, would later-on be published by M. Barrows & Company, New York, in 1936 to be exact. Two years later, it would be re-published, this time with an expanded assortment of desserts, which included the “Toll House Chocolate Crunch Cookie” recipe. These cookies, which are now known as chocolate chip cookies, became rapidly popular across the United States.

American soldiers serving in the Pacific and on the European fronts played a major role in the popularization of the chocolate chip cookies. The divisions from Massachusetts received care packages from back home which contained the “Toll House Chocolate Crunch Cookies”. The soldiers shared these care packages with soldiers from other states. Soon enough, those same soldiers started writing to their loved ones to send them some “Toll House Cookies” in their next care packages.

The soldiers from the United States Army didn’t share the cookies just amongst themselves. They shared them with troops from other allied nations as well. Ruth Graves Wakefield started receiving innumerable letters asking for her recipe. All of this culminated in the chocolate chip cookie becoming the number one cookie in the States.

The first over-seas country to become infatuated with the chocolate chip cookies was the United Kingdom. The recipe for the cookies was brought into the country in 1956. The best-selling chocolate chip cookie brand in the UK today is Maryland Cookies.

Today, the chocolate chip cookies are widely available. They can be found in almost every supermarket, either in baked or ready-to-bake version. Every major producer of chocolate chip cookies uses a variant of the original “Toll House Chocolate Crunch Cookies” and along with that, almost all cookbooks offer at least one version of the chocolate chip cookies.

Amongst these major producers of chocolate chip cookies is Chips Ahoy! from Nabisco. Chips Ahoy! Are the top-rated chocolate chip cookie in the United States, and the name is a nod to an old marine warning when other ships would be spotted: “Ships ahoy!” The cookies are marketed as having so many chocolate chips that it is impossible to take a bite which contains no chocolate morsels.

If you wish to discover more about the history of the Chips Ahoys!’ cookie sandwich counter-part Oreo and Mondelez International, the conglomerate of major sweets confectionaries. To get you more interested in the Chips Ahoy! cookies, we will provide you with some interesting facts about the cookies, for your amusement.

Chips Ahoy! Trivia: Interesting Facts about the Cookies

As mentioned above, to get you more interested in the Chips Ahoy! cookies, we’ve compiled a list of some interesting facts about the cookies themselves. We hope you will find the list interesting and in the process learn something new about the cookies themselves! Let’s start off with the first fact on our trivia list:

  1. The Chips Ahoy!, as does almost every major producer of chocolate chip cookies, uses a variant of the “Toll House Chocolate Crunch Cookies” recipe. We have already mentioned this above, but we thought it would be a good idea to start off the list with a nod to the recipe that started it all, and to which the Chips Ahoy! owns its success.

  2. Talking about recipes, the Chips Ahoy! cookies are so versatile that they can be used in an innumerable amount of desserts! The same can be said for its cousin, the Oreo cookies. There are loads of sites which offer their recipe variants with Chips Ahoy! cookies as the main ingredient, but the best source for Chips Ahoy! recipes would probably be Nabisco’s official recipe database.

    You can check out the database here. Numerous delicious desserts can be found on Nabisco’s site; some of the recipes that we would recommend you try out are:

  1. The name of the cookie brand is a nod to an old nautical interjection used by sailors to draw attention to the presence of other vessels nearby. Sailors would also use the interjection when another ship or vessel would be hailed. When one takes a look at the cookies themselves, they kind off appear as these seas of cookie doughs with the little chocolate chips representing ships stranded on the seas.

    Another possible interpretation for the name of the brand might stem from Charles Dickens. In one of his works, a character by the name of Chips is taunted by a talking rat, who predicts the sinking of his ship by repeatedly shouting “Chips ahoy!”

  2. The cookies have been connected to outbursts of crime. Did you ever think you would be reading this specific combination of words? Neither did we, but stick with us, as it makes sense.

    Back in the year 2014, a woman from Decatur, Illinois phoned the authorities to report her roommate who physically attacked over three (that’s right, three) missing Chips Ahoy! cookies.

    Apparently, her roommate became hysterical when he found out the cookies were missing. Lesson learned: never take your roommate’s snacks. Ouch… There are several more incidents, but luckily, they are not that widespread.

  3. The company has a claim that every package of Chips Ahoy! cookies contains at least a thousand chocolate chips! This claim was tested back in 1996, when a third-grade class from Wadesboro, North Carolina counted-up only 680 chocolate chips. They wrote a protest letter to Nabisco. Surprisingly, the company responded, and boy, did they respond…

    They staged a public recounting. As it turns out, the children from Wadesboro only counted the chips visible on the surface of the cookies. Once the cookies were dissolved in water, the attendees counted out a whooping total of 1181 chocolate chips!

    This turned out to be a great public stunt for the company, as the sales of the cookies jumped twenty percent. Way to go, Nabisco!

  4. The original mascot for the Chips Ahoy! cookies was called “The Cookie Man”. The Cookie Man was a live-action superhero by the name of… Mort Meek. The mascot first appeared in comic books and Saturday morning TV commercials.

    Innocent little Mort Meek would often be portrayed enjoying his delicious chocolate chip cookies when all-of-a-sudden he would be attacked by his arch-nemesis, the thieving villain with a sweet tooth. Mort would then quickly change into his super-hero persona and Cookie Man and defeat his adversary.

  5. As for the final fact on our trivia list… sorry Cookie Man fans, but our beloved super-hero with a knack for sweets was replaced in the 2000s. He was replaced by the Cookie Guy in 2002. Chips Ahoy!(‘s) mascot is also no longer a live-action hero, but a star of animated shows. In 2014, he was further changed to appear more… human-like, by walking with his legs instead of just gliding around everywhere.

Chips Ahoy!: Flavours and Variants

As we have already established, Chips Ahoy! cookies are some of the most popular cookies you can purchase in the United States (and Canada as well!). They hold a special place in the hearts of the people. Chips Ahoy! cookies are  much-enjoyed by everyone, especially children who love tiny bites of chocolate chips. If you’re asking yourself why these cookies are so popular when they’re just ordinary chocolate chip cookies, you came to the right place.

The truth is that these cookies are not ordinary at all! They are delicious and there are lot of different kinds of them, for all types of people.  Some people prefer the more crispy, classic-looking variant (and we’ve got to admit, “less is [sometimes] more”). This variant is round and crispy, with the chocolate chips on top.

If you’re a person who likes to eat cookies that are easy-to-bite, then Chips Ahoy! Thins Double Chocolate are perfect for you. They look freshly-baked and, of course, thinner than other types. Don’t worry, although they are thinner, you will not miss a thing due to the double chocolate filling inside the cookie. If you are careful about what you eat, you might be interested in the cookies’ nutritious facts. One pack of serving, which has 22g, contains 110 calories.

If you don’t prefer chocolate creme in your cookies, you can try other thin-baked varieties, such as Thins Cinnamon Sugar or Thins Oatmeal. Moreover, many people enjoy cookies that are actually a "mix" of two famous brands.

Chewy Chips Ahoy are perfect for anyone who doesn’t like hard cookies. In addition to that, it has Reese's little peanut chocolates inside. You’ve got to love that! It is soft and melts in your mouth. If you don’t enjoy eating peanuts, but still want your cookies soft, there are Chips Ahoy Baked Real Chocolate Chunk Cookies. While cookies are indeed soft, chunks are large and crunchy. If you want to double your pleasure, we recommend eating these cookies with a glass of hot or cold milk.

Sometimes, one can be in doubt… “Should I eat cookies or ice cream? With this variant, your problems are solved. There is a special type of Chips Ahoy! cookies called the Chewy Chips Ahoy Ice Cream Creations Mint Chocolate Chip. As you can see, the title of this type is very intriguing and long, but also interesting. Of course, its taste will not disappoint you. The colour of the cookies is dark, but it can sometimes seem like they’re shining, because of the little (and larger), green mint chunks on the top. Not only do they taste like you’re actually eating mint flavoured ice cream, they also look very appealing.

Chips Ahoy!: A Concluding Word  

We presented you with a lot of new information today, and we hope some of that info stuck around with you. The chocolate chip cookie, as a cookie type, has a really interesting origin story and history. We hope that, from now on, every time you enjoy a fresh Chips Ahoy! cookie you’ll remember how the cookies even came to be.

Besides that, there are numerous delicious desserts and interesting facts connected to Nabisco’s Chips Ahoy! cookies. We’ve only mentioned a portion of the most amusing facts we could find, the rest you can discover for yourself. While you’re here, why not hop on to the nearest store and buy a pack of delicious Chips Ahoy! cookies? You could even try out some of the recipes we’ve listed. We promise, you won’t be disappointed. That’s it for now, cheers until the next article!

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