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Canadian Specials: L.B. Maple Treat Cookies

Canadian Specials: L.B. Maple Treat Cookies

Canada produces 85% of the world's maple syrup and this sweetener is almost their trademark. Maple syrup is connected with many historical legends and it is good for your health and hormones.

Each country has its specialties when it comes to food and desserts. As soon as a particular food comes to mind, you can automatically link it to a specific country. The topic of this article is primarily about Canada and the specialty when it comes to sweets - maple syrup.

Canadian cuisine varies widely depending on the regions of the nation. The three earliest cuisines of Canada have First Nations, English, Scottish and French roots. As mentioned before, maple biscuits are as well known in Canada as maple syrup. For starters, we emphasize the fact that maple syrup is almost even a trademark of Canada.

Maple syrup

Why is that the case?

Maple syrup is a good representation of Canada because Canada produces 85% of the world's maple syrup. The first people to discover maple syrup was first nations. They found out that maple sap can be cooked into sweet syrup.

Maple syrup has been a Canadian tradition for years, and its popularity continues to enthuse consumers around the world. Maple syrup is mostly defined as a pancake topping. Maple Syrup is 100% natural and is harvested only once a year generally during March and April. Absolutely no chemicals or additives are used in the production of Maple Syrup from the company we will talk about in this article.

Moreover, talking about Maple syrup and Canada, more than 70% of the world's production of Maple Syrup comes from Quebec, Canada.

Canada Maple syrup

The meaning of maple syrup in Canada

Canada is the world's driving maker and exporter of maple products, representing 71 percent of the worldwide market. In 2016, Canadian makers traded 45 million kg of maple treats and products, with an estimation of $381 million.

The area of Québec is by a long shot the biggest maker, speaking to 92 percent of Canadian generation. Quebec produces an astounding amount of syrup each year: 7,989,000 gallons. After Quebec, the next producer in Vermont with 890,000 gallons, followed by Ontario, Canada; New York and Maine.

Maple syrup in general

Maple syrup is a syrup typically produced using the xylem sap of sugar maple, red maple, or dark maple trees, even though it can be produced using other maple species. In chilly atmospheres, these trees store starch in their trunks and roots before winter; the starch is then changed over to sugar that ascents in the sap in pre-spring and late-winter. Maple trees are tapped by drilling holes into their trunks and gathering the oozed sap, which is handled by warming to vanish a significant part of the water, leaving the concentrated syrup.

Maple syrup

Discovering Maple Syrup

There are many legends and theories about discovering maple syrup, it is not exactly sure which one is correct, but they are all connected in one big story that includes the rich history that maple syrup has, especially in Canada.

One thing is for sure, the birth of the maple syrup industry became with the Native American influence. According to the Michigan Maple Syrup Association, There is a legend that with a divine being named NenawBozhoo, who saw that his kin was getting languid as they drank the unadulterated maple syrup from the maple trees as opposed to chase or rummage for nourishment.

At the point when he saw this he enchants the maple trees that made the syrup transform into a watery sap that necessary preparing before it could be expended. Moreover, associate other legend has it that the principal sirup creator was an Iroquois woman. One pre-spring morning, the story goes, the boss took off on one among his chases, but not before yanking his tomahawk from the tree wherever he'd tossed it the previous night.
On this specific day, the climate turned terribly heat, creating the tree's sap run and fill a holder remaining on the brink of the storage compartment.

The lady saw the vessel and, thinking it absolutely was plain water, fried their night dinner in it. The heating up that followed turned the sap to sweetener, enhancing the central's supper as at no alternative time. Moreover, then started the convention of constructing sirup.

Maple syrup process

Another legend

Ojibways, Wyandots and Indians at Pidgeon Lake. As the sap rose, the women and their families resettled in family gatherings to the maple forests ("sugar shrubberies") wherever they raised a camp and lived in wigwams fabricated from bark.

They organized troughs, gathered sap, and carried it to the fireplace wherever the foremost intimate with girls managed the heat. In some cases, the sap was created to bubble by putt hot stones within the mix.

The sweet sap of the rock maple (Acer saccharum) was celebrated and reputable by autochthonal folk teams of the Japanese Woodlands, together with the Abenaki, Haudenosaunee, and Mi'kmaq, someday before the looks of European pioneers. Haudenosaunee custom recounts the puncturing of the bark of maple and also the utilization of its ''sweet water'' to cook game.

Maple relieving was a nourishment conservation strategy trained by the Anishinaabe that enabled networks to stay nourishment stores for winter months once nourishment was rare.

The Anishinaabe is known as the "sugaring off" amount once the sap was gathered the "maple moon" or "sugar month." The convention of sugaring off got engineered up in networks within the deciduous woodlands of North America and has created because of this.

Maple making

L.B. Maple Treat Corporation

The Canadian region of Quebec is by a wide margin the biggest maker, answerable for around seventy-five percent of the world's yield; Canadian fares of maple syrup surpass 141 million USD every year.

L.B. Maple Treat Corporation has been in activity since 1975. it's one among the largest free cultivators/makers of pure syrup round the world. L.B. Maple Treat organization controls all components of the creation and appropriation of things and absolutely no artificial substances, additives or additional substances square measure used within the generation of pure syrup.

L.B. Maple Treat offers numerous product offerings valuable pure syrup in an exceedingly wide scope of evaluations and compartments. L.B. Maple Treat's product giving is accessible in AN assortment of house names and even as the personal name.

Perceived as a pioneer within the syrup trade, The Maple Treat Corporation, division of Lantic Iraqi National Congress., started serving purchasers in 1975 with a dream of giving AN unmatched degree of responsibleness, ability, and consumer support.

L.B. Maple treats products are widely spread to many destinations such as North America, Europe, and Asia. Company's yields are painstakingly overseen by more than 1,500 maple syrup makers that are committed to gathering the highest caliber of unadulterated maple syrup.

L.B. Maple Treat Corporation has been in operation since 1975. Their head office, bottling plant, and primary distribution center are located in Granby, Quebec. The plant has over 100,000 sq. ft., with a refrigerated warehouse. The company's secondary distribution center is located on the west coast in Burnaby, BC, Canada. Another important fact that we have to mention is that L.B. Maple Treat Corporation's maple syrup is certified Kosher U. Their maple syrup is also inspected and graded by a third party (Groupe Acer).


As they said on their official website:

Our products are made in the purest tradition while respecting the high standards and norms of today. We offer a huge selection, from maple syrup to spreads and from candies to cookies, coffee, teas, and gift packages, because we know that variety is important to you.

Source: lbmapletreat 

The most popular products and cookies

Maple syrup creme cookies

Maple biscuits made with real maple syrup, in a maple leaf shape, 7 cookies per box, 3 boxes shrink-wrapped together

Maple biscuits

Maple biscuits made with real maple syrup, in a maple leaf shape

Maple syrup creme cookies l.b. Maple treat / original box

Maple syrup creme cookies made with real maple syrup in our original red box, 24 cookies per box

Chocolate creme maple cookies box

Chocolate creme maple cookies. 16 cookies per box

The one satisfied consumer said about LB Maple treat cookies:

Probably the best maple cookies I've ever had. I tried about 5 other companies. The fresh-tasting and larger cookies. Also, nice thick filling.

… So if you haven't tried these cookies yet, you have to, we believe you won't regret it!

Make your own!

Maple biscuits

If you don't have a chance right now to buy these cookies, you can make your own – fast and easy.


  • 1 cup butter-flavored shortening
  • 1-1/4 cups sugar
  • 2 large eggs, room temperature
  • 1/4 cup maple syrup
  • 3 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 3 cups all-purpose flour
  • 3/4 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt


  1. Take a big bowl, cream shortening, and sugar until light and cushy. Include eggs, each, in turn, beating after every addition. Beat in syrup and vanilla. Consolidate the rest of the ingredients; bit by bit add to the creamed blend and blend well. Cover and refrigerate for 2 hours.
  2. On a delicately floured surface, turn out to 1/8-in. thickness. Cut with a floured 2-1/2-in. cutout. Spot 1 in. separated on ungreased heating sheets.
  3. Prepare at 350° for 9-12 minutes or until brilliant darker. Evacuate to wire racks to cool.

Nutritional Facts

  • 2 each: 187 calories
  • 9g fat (2g soaked fat)
  • 18mg cholesterol
  • 94mg sodium
  • 25g starch (13g sugars, 0 fiber)
  • 2g protein.

Source: Blogger The Taste of Home

Fun facts about maple syrup

Maple syrup has its season

Maple trees are tapped for their syrup between late February and early spring time, toward the beginning of April. Hotter than-normal winters cause stress among syrup ranchers because once the trees begin to bud, the nature of the sap takes a plunge. That is why it is harder to get syrup during the other months of the year.

It's the mystery ingredient in a 'master cleanse'

Famous people including Beyoncé credit maple syrup to their weight reduction and detox system, which comprise of devouring just maple syrup, lemon juice, cayenne pepper and water for 10 days in a row. Sounds like a great and not too hard diet, would you try?

  1. It takes about 40 liters of sap to make one liter of maple syrup
  2. Usually, a maple tree is at least 30 years old and 12 inches in diameter before it is tapped
  3. Only three of 13 species of maple trees native to Canada are used for syrup
  4. If you store maple syrup properly, you can keep it for several years
  5. Because maple syrup doesn’t always look good on camera, many food advertisers replace it with motor oil in commercials. 

Maple syrup cookies calories

Serving Size: 2 cookies (34 grams)



Calories from fat


Total fat 7g

11% (daily value)

  •      Saturated fat 1.5g


  •      Trans fat 2.5g


Cholesterol 0mg


Sodium 40mg


Total Carbohydrates 25g


  •    Dietary Fiber 0g


  •     Sugars 13g


Protein 1g


Vitamin A


Vitamin C





Maple cookies

Maple syrup health benefits

Maple syrup is a less bad version of sugar. It cannot objectively be labeled healthy but it is so much healthier than clasic, white sugar for example. Despite that, you should consume it carefully, but you know, like with every other ingredient, balance is the key! 

 If you consume it, it's best to do so in moderation — as with all sweeteners. Pure maple syrup has the same beneficial classes of antioxidant compounds found in berries, tomatoes, tea, red wine, whole wheat, and flaxseed.

Maple syrup contains inulin, a prebiotic fiber that goes about as nourishment for good gut microorganisms and helps in immune systems.

Maple syrup is great for men!

Maple syrup is very rich in zinc. Zinc although plays a significant role in supporting men's reproductive health and protects against prostate cancer.

Two table­s­poons (which you can take also through cookies ;) ) provide half of your recommended daily intake of manganese, which is important for bone health, metabolism and brain and nerve function.

  • releases thin hairs that serve to absorb nutrients
  • prevents the occurrence of diseases that occur due to the accumulation of toxic things in the gut
  • Studies have shown that pure Canadian maple syrup contains more than 20 medicinal compounds! Several antioxidants, newly discovered compounds have been found to have anticancer, antibacterial and anti-diabetic properties.


Leading image: By Sarah Morrison/


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