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Britannia Industries: One of India's Oldest Biscuit Companies

Britannia Industries: One of India's Oldest Biscuit Companies

Britannia Industries Limited is an Indian food-products corporation and it sells multiple brands of biscuits, along with other dairy and non-dairy products.

As it goes with every large corporation, there is a lot of information to digest, so we have divided the info into several sections. In today’s article, we will be taking a look at the different aspects of the company that have secured its status as one of India’s leading biscuit companies. We are going to check out their achievements in the past couple of centuries and the numerous awards they were able to amass.

We will also be tackling with the company’s history, as well as the numerous products they manufacture. Besides that, we are also going to talk about the different organizations under their jurisdiction. So, read-on to learn more about Britannia Industries and their delicious biscuits.

Britannia Industries Ltd.: A Quick Overview

India is famous for its love of biscuits. We can’t say for sure if this is due to British influence or their traditions and culture, but Indians love tasty biscuit snacks, so it comes to no surprise that there are several large companies and corporations that produce biscuit treats.

If somebody were to ask a spokesperson from Britannia Industries to list three adjectives that best-describe the company, the spokesperson would probably say: delicious, fresh and healthy. When one enters the company’s official site, he/she is greeted by these words. The company’s basic premise is quality in all products, and they pursue this goal without compromise.

As we have already mentioned, Britannia Industries is one of the oldest Indian companies. It was established way back in the year 1892, so it enjoys a legacy spanning almost a hundred and thirty years. Since its inception, the company has grown to become one of India’s most profitable businesses, and it produces popular brands like Good Day, NutriChoice, Marie Gold, Tiger and Milk Bikis.

You will have a chance to discover more about these brands soon-enough, but for now… let us continue with the company’s overview. Besides biscuits, Britannia Industries also produces a number of other food products, such as bread, short-bread, rusk, cakes and dairy products (cheese, milk, beverages and yoghurt included!). From this, we can see that Britannia Industries is not a dedicated biscuit confectionary, but rather a manufacturer of an entire range of food types.

This does not, however, mean that their biscuits are any less delicious than some other brands. There are many companies in the world that started out as biscuit bakeries, but soon branched out and started producing other types of food. Sometimes, a large number of smaller businesses are rolled-up into larger conglomerations, hence such large assortments of snack and other products.

Although Britannia Industries is in no way a “small business” it was taken over by the Wadia Group in the early 1990’s. This, amongst many other things, could be the reason for the above-mentioned range of products.

The company sports some impressive numbers. We know it as a fact that India has one of the largest populations on Earth. With such a large population, there is also a high demand for a large number of shops and supermarkets to supply such a vast population. Accordingly, Britannia Industries distributes its products to a whopping five million stores across the country. It is estimated that their products reach almost half the population of India.

Besides their home turf, Britannia Industries also operates in over sixty countries across the globe. They distribute biscuits and other products to regions ranging from America to south-east Asia. This quest for new business opportunities and places of distribution is driven by their principle of “one new market a year.” The company has been able to sustain this rapid expansion thus far, but only time will tell if it was a profitable strategy.

So far, we have seen some impressive numbers and accolades achieved by the company. But Britannia Industries also takes great pride in the fact that it was the first Indian food company to have removed all trans-fats from their products. Today, their products are enriched with essential micro-nutrients which are beneficial to one’s overall health.

This has earned them the trust of the general public, as can be seen from the various surveys run by noteworthy organizations such Millward Brown, WPP Group, IMRB and Havas Media Group. The company has been able to consistently keep a good rating amongst India’s consumer base. Besides public acknowledgement, the company has also won numerous quality rewards, such as the Golden Peacock, for example.

Britannia Industries Ltd.: A Quick History

As for the history of the company, it can be quickly summarized into a couple of paragraphs. This does not mean that the company has no history what-so-ever… quite the contrary, but we are just summarizing what we believe to be the most important years for Britannia Industries.

The company’s history starts in 1892 when it was established by a group of British businessmen. As is the case with most well-known companies today, it started out as a small bakery in central Kolkata. This small bakery would go on to be acquired by the Gupta brothers, one of them being Nalin Chandra Gupta. Under the leadership of the Gupta brothers, the business carried the name “V. S. Brothers.”

In the twentieth century, in 1918, the Gupta brothers entered into a partnership with C. H. Holmes, an English businessman, and the company took on the name of Britannia Biscuit Company Limited. Six years later, the company would open up its first factory in Mumbai. Later on, during World War II, the company experienced a large raise in incomes, as the biscuits they produced were a part of the MRE (meal ready to eat) packs the soldiers serving on the front used.

As for their current name, the company’s leadership decided upon it in 1979. Nabisco Brands Inc. which is famous for its Oreo and Chips Ahoy! biscuits, managed to acquire Peek Freans in 1982, which had a controlling interest in Britannia Industries. This made Nabisco the major foreign shareholder.

Britannia Industries Ltd.: Products and Flavours

Britannia Industries is a host to a dizzying array of products and flavours. Seriously, they produce and distribute ten different brands just for biscuits! Not to mention dairy products, bread, cakes and other types of food… and if that is not impressive, then we don’t know what is!

As a magazine centred on biscuits (we are not named Biscuit People for no reason), we thought it would be a good idea to focus on their biscuit range. We could also write about the other brands, but we reckon that that’s not why you are here.

To start off our list, we’re (ironically) going with the “bread-and-butter” biscuits from Britannia Industries (Get it? Because it’s their basic biscuit but they also produce bread and dairy products? No… Yeah, it was a bad joke, we apologise.) Anyways…


  • Good Day! No, we don’t mean to wish you a good day, or mean that it is a good day whether you want it or not; or that we feel good this day, or that it is a day to be good on (a little reference to Gandalf for all of you Hobbit lovers out there!). No, no, no, none of that… although we do hope you’re feeling good today! We’re referring to well-known Good Day biscuits from Britannia Industries (Duh! Who else?).

    People often say that it is the small things in life that bring joy, and the author of the article has to agree with this sentiment. A smile can melt away all problems, and what better way to bring out somebody’s smile than with a pack of delicious biscuits?

    The Good Day biscuits are exactly that. Delicious little biscuits that come in a wide variety of flavours. These cookies also served as a good testing ground for the company’s philosophy of Smiles. They were able to implement an optimistic and smiley design into the biscuits packaging, which raised the sales of the cookies. A well-made decision indeed.

    The primary ingredient of Good Day biscuits are nuts! Just kidding, they are literally nuts (not radical in any way, but still good nonetheless!) The Good Day range comes in an assortment of flavours, including: Good Day Cashew, Good Day Butter, Good Day Nuts Cookie, Good Day Pista Badam, Good Day Choco Chunkies (this has a good ring to it) and finally Good Day Choco-chip!
  • The next Britannia Industries brand on our list is the NutriChoice biscuits. Remember, your choices matter! And you can’t go wrong with NutriChoice, especially if you’re a gym addict! “But what about those who don’t do sports? What about us?” I hear you; I hear you… If you’re like me, you probably get winded-up just by thinking about exercising! (Urgh, exercising? Scary!)

    But jokes aside, exercising and a fit lifestyle are good for your health. All that matters is that you’re trying to improve your life and diet, and the NutriChoice is a good way to start. Just look at the biscuit’s name! It’s a dead-giveaway that is has a lot of nutritional ingredients that are good for your well-being.

    Not only that, but just like the previous biscuit on our list, NutriChoice comes in vide variety of flavours. These include: NutriChoice Oat Cookies, NutriChoice Digestive Whole Wheat, NutriChoice Digestive 5 Grains, NutriChoice Thin Arrowroot, NutriChoice Essentials, NutriChoice Digestive Zero and last-but-not-least, NutriChoice Oats Chocolate and Almond.
  • Do you like tea? I’d wager you do, after… you are reading a biscuit magazine. If so, then come here, champ! (The technology to transport matter in a, well… matter of seconds, has not been invented yet, so imagine we’re giving you a virtual handshake!)

    We here are Biscuit People love drinking tea. We’re always on the look-out for new snacks to savour during tea breaks, and it is a good thing we decided to research Britannia Industries. Marie Gold is the next biscuit on our list, and it is a perfect tea-time biscuit to dunk into your… well, tea, of course!

    The people of India love their teas. This is undeniably a British influence, and it’s good to see that the two cultures have exchanged cultural influences over time. For this reason, Britannia Industries produces the Marie Gold biscuits, which are low fat and zero cholesterol. Not only are they good to dunk into tea, but they’re also healthy to boot!

    The Marie Gold biscuits come in three variations, which are: the classic Marie Gold, Vita Marie Gold and Whole Wheat Vita Marie Gold.

If you were born in any of these years: 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010 (or if you are yet to be born in 2022, which is funny, because… we’d be addressing a time traveller) then good news…you’re a tiger! Well… sort of.

According to the Chinese calendar, people who were born during these years were born in the Year of the Tiger. The tiger is their patron zodiac, which means that they are kind and benevolent, rarely tired and rich in emotions. Oh, and they also *sometimes* make brash decisions.

Although this brand of biscuits is catered toward children, it personifies what a tiger is. Just by looking at its packaging you are filled with renewed energy. But it’s not just due to packaging, but also due to the cookies themselves! They’re highly nutritious, which means they’re good for both you and your children. The Tiger range comes in two flavours – the Tiger Butter Crunch and Tiger Kreemz Chocolate.

  • Everybody knows just how much milk is beneficial to one’s health, especially for developing children who need a lot of calcium to have strong teeth and strong bones. This is where the Milk Bikis come into play!

    You might not like dunking your biscuits into tea, and that’s perfectly fine (although it makes us sad). Milk might be more up to your speed, and these biscuits are perfect for that! Buy some for your children and enjoy some quality time with them over some milk and cookies.

    Milk Bikis, like the Tiger before them, come in two flavours – the basic Milk Bikis and Milk Bikis Good Morning.
  • For all of you biscuit-sandwich aficionados out there, there are the Jim Jam Biscuits! These Oreo look-alike cookies are very popular among children, as they are “lip-smacking” and irresistible! There are multiple combo variants with different crème fillings available for purchase.

    The Jim Jams come in five different variants, which include: Jim Jam Vanilla, Jim Jam Treat Chocolate, Jim Jam Treat Orange, Jim Jam Treat Strawberry and Jim Jam Treat Pineapple.

You see? We weren’t kidding when we said that Britannia Industries offers a dizzying array of biscuit brands… and these are just for biscuits! As we’ve already said, you always have a… (nutri)choice, but sometimes, it can be troublesome to have too many (nutri)choices (Okay, we promise, that was the last time we used that terrible pun) because… which biscuits to choose first?! They all sound so good, and we haven’t even named the other remaining brands! There is also the Bourbon range, the Little Hearts, Pure Magic and Nice Time biscuits. You can check out the biscuits we haven’t covered in this list by going here.

Britannia Industries Ltd.: A Concluding Word

As you had a chance to see… Britannia Industries is a biscuit industry giant! From the very beginning of the article, we could see that the company sports huge numbers both in sales and the number of different biscuits brands they distribute. Not only that, but they’re rapidly expanding to markets across the world!

Although the company has an interesting history, we chose to write only the most important dates and facts for Britannia Industries. We wanted to focus on the overview of the company and the sheer size of products they offer. Along with that, you had the chance to find out about the corporation’s philosophy and their goals.

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