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fatsforfoods consultant

Oils and fats are used in all kinds of food applications.


The requirements and the functionality of the fat are different for the various foods.


The better the required properties are understood, the better the optimal fat (functionality and cost) can be defined.


The fatsforfoods consultant can give you this specific support by:


Analysis and evaluation of:

  • the requirements of the fat in the various Bakery, Confectionery, Savoury and Dairy type products
  • properties of the fat (N-line, crystallisation, health claims)
  • balance of fat specifications versus costs and local availability
  • the effect of the temperature of application and distribution.

Knowledge of:

  • triglyceride composition
  •  fat crystallisation
  • oil modification
  • reduction of trans fatty acids
  • availability of raw materials
  • processing of fats/margarines

Experience in problem solving on the spot Training courses. To define the best fat, you have to know?

  • the application area (also recipe and equipment)
  • temperature of application
  • crystallised form of the fat at application
  • temperature of distribution of the food
  • shelf life constraints
  • health constraints (pufa, safa, trans?).

Possible customers are:

  • Food manufacturers
  • Fat suppliers
  • Equipment suppliers
  • course organisations

Gabrie Lansbergen


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