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Biscuit, Cookie and Cracker Production

Process, Production and Packaging Equipment

Key Features

  • Covers the complete production line, from the delivery of raw materials to the final packaged product
  • Shows in detail the process, production and packaging equipment with more than 200 pictures
  • Provides an understanding of the development from a manual artisan process to a fully automated, high-volume production process


Biscuit, Cookie, and Cracker Production, is a practical reference that describes the process and equipment for automated production in the biscuit industry.

The book describes existing and emerging technologies in biscuit making and production, providing a valuable asset to management and staff in the biscuit, cookie and cracker industry and students in food technology and engineering.

Full of clear illustrations, photos and text describing types of biscuits, cookies and crackers, ingredients, dough mixing, dough piece forming, baking, cooling, and packaging, this book presents a valuable resource on the topic.


Senior managers and staff in industrial biscuit manufacturing, particularly

for R&D, production, engineering and purchasing departments.

Researchers and postgraduate research students in Food Engineering and Food Technology.

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