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NEW: Ishida AirScan: making leaking MAP packs a thing of the past!

Leaking and compromised packaging are a major contributor to food waste, can lead to spoilage, reduced shelf-life, complaints and returns. This can result in increased production cost, loss of brand reputation and retailer fines.

Key benefits:

  • The Ishida AirScan uses laser technology to identify leaks of CO2 from holes as small as 0.25mm in sealed MAP pack at speeds of up to 180(!) per minute
  • Applications:  fresh bakery, dairy, meat, poultry, seafood and ready meals (MAP packs must contain at least 10% CO2)
  • Fast, reliable and non-destructive leak detection  
  • No additional space require: can be fitted over existing conveyors
  • Allows production problems to be quickly identified before the product reaches the customer
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Ishida Europe Limited
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