Episode 5: Crackertjes
November 14, 2023 - 00:27:20

Episode 5: Crackertjes

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In the latest episode of the Biscuit People Podcast, the spotlight is on Crackertjes, and the hosts delve into the fascinating world of packaging, film brilliance, and the science behind these crispy delights. Join us as we explore the insights shared by Jacob van Kogelenberg and Jos Vast!

Jacob kicks off the episode by shedding light on the intricate packaging of Crackertjes. According to him, creating a good seal is a crucial aspect of packaging, with importance of putting more pressure which ensures more intimate contact that facilitates better heat energy transfer. The multipack is housed in a single corrugated bottom, offering numerous advantages. This design not only provides stability but also protects the crackers during transit. Jacob also notes that the package is higher than the foot, partially aiding in preservation.

One intriguing detail Jacob brings to the forefront is the thickness of the packaging material and the composition behind the cellophane. The experts weigh in on the shape of the crackers, emphasizing the importance of a well-designed package for maintaining product quality.

Moving on to the heart of Crackertjes – the ingredients – Jos enlightens the audience on the key components. Wheat flour, sunflower oil, sodium bicarbonate, sourdough (wheat and barley), salt, and yeast are the stars of this crunchy symphony. Jos explores the factors influencing the flavour profile and the mechanisms preventing undesirable cracking.

The episode delves into the purpose behind the abundance of holes on the crackers. According to Jos, these perforations serve to evaporate moisture during baking, contributing to the cracker's crispiness. Lamination, a process that involves layering materials, is introduced, and its role in the creation of blisters on the product is explained.

The discussion takes an interesting turn as the hosts unravel the mystery behind color differences between the top and bottom of the crackers. The choice of oven is revealed to be a determining factor, with the top being high in color due to specific baking conditions. Additionally, the decision to pack Crackertjes upside down inside the pack is explored. This seemingly unconventional approach is explained to enhance the crackers' shelf life by leveraging gravity to maintain their structural integrity.

The 5th episode of Biscuit People Podcast proves to be a captivating exploration of the world of Crackertjes. Stay tuned and enjoy!

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