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Meet the Driving Force of Biscuit Industry
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jk saha
25 biscuits
Gabrie Lansbergen
20 biscuits
Omar Schmidt
Development of New Product & Process Bakery Consultant
50 biscuits
Santiago Marino
Biscuit Technology Consultant
335 biscuits
Jos Vast
Managing Partner/ Founder/ Senior Bakery Consultant
510 biscuits
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David Woollard
Cracker Oiling & Seasoning Specialist
0 biscuits
Waheed Ahmad
Biscuits/Cakes Consultant
25 biscuits
Evita Riviani Achmadi
Food Consultant | Raw Material, Product Development, Formulator, Packaging | Bakery Specialist | Food Safety and Quality, Processing| Food Scientist and Technologist
320 biscuits
Domenico Cassone
Retired Principle Scientist
0 biscuits
Self Employed NPD Interim/Consultant
5 biscuits