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Meet the Driving Force of Biscuit Industry
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Roberto Pineda Baking, Biscuits and Snacks Consultant
Biscuit, Crackers Consultant Ex PepsiCo R&D Sr.Director
30 biscuits
Peter Otten
Senior Consultant Belts (Steinhaus GmbH Germany)
285 biscuits
Mrs Beyhan Ozenli
Bakery Consultant
330 biscuits
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Christos Sevastos
Sevastos Bakery & Food
110 biscuits
Ajit Tawde
CEO - Chocolates & Confectionery Consultants International
5 biscuits
Parisa Mohammadshahi
Food Consultant
0 biscuits
Shruti Sasidharan
Market Research Associate
0 biscuits
Jack Proctor
0 biscuits