Koestlin HR Biscuit Manufacturer from Croatia (Hrvatska)
Koestlin HR Biscuit Manufacturer from Croatia (Hrvatska)

Koestlin HR

Biscuit Manufacturer | Croatia (Hrvatska)
Who's responsible for tasty flour-confectionery products? Koestlin is a Croatian company with a 100-year long tradition. Find out more about them!


With the production of high quality and modernly designed products, Koestlin has the task of winning over the trust and satisfying consumers’ needs while realising a profit, securing the needs of its employees and fortifying its position as one of the leading companies with a 100 year old tradition and quality.

By reviewing consumers and markets, complying with standards and corresponding laws, with the development of new products and technologies acquired through many years of experience and effects on needs through their modification, Koestlin meets the needs of man for healthy, safe food, and the improvement of the quality of life of individual and society as a whole.


Koestlin is a successful company with a 100 year tradition which, with its business results, aims to retain one of the two leading positions in the Croatian market in the confectionary industry and retain its leading position in the production of flour-confectionary products.

This means the production of recognisable, but also new high-quality products which, with their quality and price, will satisfy the needs of consumers, realise profit and secure the needs of its employees.

In neighbouring countries in which were are well placed we will make all efforts to retain this level while winning over new markets and investing particular efforts in the significant Russian market.

The comparative advantage of Koestlin on the export market is the fact that it has an export number awarded in 2004. With the introduction of the HACCP system, analysis of dangers according to control points, preventative control of food production is conducted with the aim of its health safety and to meet the everyday needs of our customers for healthy food.

Having been awarded certification according to the IFS (International Food Standard) standard, we have fulfilled conditions for entering the EU market. With the implementation of all introduced required standards, we fulfil the requirement of the European manner of operating and in doing so we have realised our main objective which is to be ready for Croatia’s accession into the European Union.

The position and role of Koestlin in the confectionary industry in Croatia

Today, Koestlin occupies the second position in Croatia in the production and sale of wafers and biscuits with a share of 30%. Koestlin also places half of its products on foreign markets, especially Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, USA, Russia, Serbia, Israel, Jordan, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Bulgaria, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Sweden, Canada, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Switzerland.

In Croatia Koestlin does business with all major reputable companies, noting continual growth in realisation. Monitoring trends on the European market, in cooperation with certain trade partners Koestlin has begun manufacturing products under a trademark (private label).

Enriching its tradition with new ideas, while at the same time developing modern technology, Koestlin can today boast with over forty products in about eighty different forms of packaging.

Koestlin’s distinctiveness has been acknowledged and awarded with may awards of which two are particularly noteworthy – two big gold medals for stability of quality for leader products Karat and Cappuccino, and a medal for Champion quality for Speculaas which is the first product in Croatia in the flour-confectionary programe to bear this flattering acknowledgement.

Koestlin’s products were also awarded in 2002. The wafer Java received the gold medal for quality and Rum squares received Champion of quality. It is important to note that Koestlin is the only manufacturer in the confectionary industry which has for two consecutive years been the proud owner of the Champion of quality acknowledgment.

The Paris group also deserves a special mention as it is a product which is manufactured according to an original and unique Koestlin recipe dating back more than three hundred years.

An absolute leader among our products is Piknik, biscuits with a forty year tradition, which in its new packaging is winning over even more customers and breaking record sales. On June 20th, 2002 Koestlin received the ISO 9001 certificate confirming that the company has introduced and applies a system of quality in all its operating processes.

To comply with the requirements of world markets, on August 16th, 2004 Koestlin also introduced the Hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) – a system of analysis of danger assessment and control of critical points, as well as the IFS (International Food Standard) in 2007. In 2009, we are introduced British Retail Consortium certificate.

Technological – development characteristics of Koestlin

The Koestlin factory manufactures biscuits, tea biscuits, filled tea biscuits and tea biscuits with chocolate compound toppings, wafers and wafers with chocolate compound toppngs, salted sticks, filled salted sticks and extruded products like flips.

Production is conducted on ten technological production lines installed with the capacity of 19.000 tonnes a year, achievable in work in three shifts. The factory currently works at a capacity level of 14.000 tonnes annually with a tendency towards increasing production.

In recent years six new technological production lines have been installed: for sandwiches (of the Austrian manufacturer Hercona-Haas), two for salted sticks and pretzels of the well known brand Werner & Pfleider, extruded products - flips of the renowned world brand Schaf,Sollich – production line for topping and HASS production line for wafer.

Aside from these, eight automatic production lines for packaging products of the horizontal and vertical type flow – pack packers have been installed, with which we have packaging of products in line with trends of the most well known world brands.

Koestlin is working at an accelerated pace in the development of new products and technologies, the introduction of new products and development and improvement of the quality of the existing ones, and the redesign of packaging, whereby if closely follows the requirements of the market and consumers, which has always been its main operating motto.

An expert team of engineers and technicians keep a close eye on the development of Koestlin and the well known quality of Koestlin’s products. They are dedicated to maintaining tradition and introducing new technological solutions, as well as monitoring the most developed achievements in the field and in practice.

Presently the Koestlin biscuit and wafer factory employs approx. 470 employees. Special care is given to the quality of the work force, so that employed in the production process is an expert workforce educated in Koestlin’s plant according to a tradition of one hundred years of experience and within the framework of the Confectionary school in Bjelovar.

Continually reviewing the market, developing new products with constant concern of quality and tradition, Koestlin will continue to work towards improving the quality of life of the individual and the environment as a whole.

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