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Ingredients Vivo Plus produced by IL GRANAIO
Vivo Plus
Vivo Plus retards the staling process and increases the shelf life of bakeryproducts, which will maintain a very high level of softness. Its...
Ingredients Inulin produced by BENEO
Inulin-type fructans, such as Orafti® Inulin, occur naturally in a great number of plants and vegetables,  the chicory root is a pa...
Ingredients Oligofructose produced by BENEO
Oligofructose is an inulin-type fructan. Oligofructose is derived from Inulin through partial enzymatic hydrolysis. This conversion is a pro...
Ingredients Palatinose produced by BENEO
Palatinose™ is a naturally sourced smart carbohydrate, providing full carbohydrate energy (4kcal/g) in a more balanced way thanks to i...
Ingredients Isomalt produced by BENEO
Isomalt is a naturally sourced sugar replacer and the only one in of its kind made from pure beet sugar. On top, it is 100% sugar-free and e...
Ingredients Rice flour produced by BENEO
Rice flour
White rice flour is characterized by a high starch content of ±78 %, and contains hypo-allergenic proteins. Thanks to the ease of dig...
Ingredients Rice starch produced by BENEO
Rice starch
Our portfolio comprises both native and modified starches from different rice varieties (waxy, regular, organic), available in cook-up or in...
Ingredients Remypure produced by BENEO
A new technology developed by BENEO lifts the functional properties of native rice starch to performance levels competing with those of chem...
Ingredients TWP (Textured Wheat Protein) produced by BENEO
TWP (Textured Wheat Protein)
After hydration textured wheat protein offers a meat-like texture and is therefore used for partial or complete meat replacement. One part o...
Ingredients VWG (Vital Wheat Gluten) produced by BENEO
VWG (Vital Wheat Gluten)
BeneoPro VWG are vital wheat gluten that are naturally produced through milling and separating the vital wheat gluten from the grain, which...
Ingredients Faba Bean produced by BENEO
Faba Bean
BENEO’s faba bean is grown with local farmers and its protein obtained via a dry fractionation process in the German factory. This pro...
Ingredients Functional Oat Flour ( Gluten Free) produced by Tirlán
Functional Oat Flour ( Gluten Free)
Our Oat-Standing™ Functional Oat Flour, can help manufacturers meet demand for gluten free, natural and functional oat products. It is mille...
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